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  1. In my dreams I can ride Heep Steep like John! Love this video!
  2. I've thought for a long time that the attachment points and pull angle of the ankle cable/buckle on the NW/MS is also a factor in helping with heel hold down. It's distinctly different from the Deeluxe & UPZ boots. So much so that I modified my rear UPZ RC10 to have essentially the same direction and position of pull. I had found that heel hold was more of an issue with my rear foot (much improved by the buckle position mod), and I don't find myself lifting my front heel with the standard position in my riding. Interested in your take on that design feature of the NW/MS @Beckmann AG
  3. Another way of looking at how lift and cant can help or hinder you. I think I've sent this your way before @1xsculler
  4. If you don't ask the question, your gear and results can't say "NO!!!!!".
  5. But given the angles softbooters usually ride (low, across rather than along the board) they would probably benefit from inward canting.
  6. Give people lots of room. I often find I glide faster than most, presumably cause I look after my base and wax frequently, so I always shout loudly which side I'm passing on. Rather than riding flat I try to as much as possible be slightly but definitely on an edge, and obviously periodically change edges to stay on the track. Watch other people ahead of you and try to work out who looks like they're riding predictably, and who is a beginner who might do something without warning. Space between you and others beats pretty much any other strategy.
  7. Is this the one, a couple of minutes in there's some guy in a onesie?
  8. Sildenafil It will at least be interesting to see if it helps. Centres for Disease Control have some good information on altitude sickness and the various options. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2020/noninfectious-health-risks/high-altitude-travel-and-altitude-illness Yes, cold air is dry air, but the fundamental issue at altitude is the lower available oxygen level because of the drop in atmospheric pressure. PS: Pretty much ignore anyone who tells you stuff to do who, is not a doctor or, has not studied human physiology. I'm afraid that will include most contributors to this thread. I'm a doctor, an anesthesiologist, and an expert in the normal and abnormal human physiology of hearts and lungs. Reputable sources of information are what you need.
  9. So preload your front boot cuff as far back as possible, and that will help straighten up your front leg, even with your foot sloping slightly down. The UPZ has 4 holes in the steel plate below the spring system that the cuff lock/unlock pin can engage in.
  10. And I run a longer than common stance and UPZs, and so need a little more lift. Have played with 9 degrees front and rear, made by wedging the toe and heel blocks on my TD3s. Angles around 60 degrees and no canting.
  11. @Michael_AEvidence supporting my impression that riding puts far more strain on the rear of our bindings than the front. When the base plate of my rear Bomber TD3 binding failed from metal fatigue, it failed at the heel end. Really useful to know that we need to check, and where. @michael.a sorry linked the wrong Michael above.
  12. @pow4everIMO, not setup. I needed to "listen" to the soles of my feet.
  13. My experience with either side turns not holding/chattering/slarving has been that I have not been tilting the board with both feet. Most often the leg/foot on the outside of the turn gets lazy. I aim to feel my body balanced over the edge of both feet, the side that is making the turn.
  14. Today is the best day to be alive. Be the best you can be today.
  15. SunSurfer

    Now What?

    These guys know how to snowboard, they have not ridden a skwal before!
  16. Doing it with milk on snow doesn't count, we can't see the spills. Red wine?
  17. SunSurfer

    Now What?

    @Tddragon I take your point about motorcycles, and similarly bicycles. A skwal has no handlebars, no front wheel. I don't know if you've ever ridden a skwal. What I'm trying to convey is the feeling of the weight/centre of mass transfer. To me, having ridden bicycles for 50 years, that is what it feels like when I make an efficient turn on a skwal.
  18. That should be on high rotate on screens at ski fields everywhere!
  19. The more I learn about board construction and performance the more I realise that the flex pattern along the length of the board is as important as sidecut shape (shape since many boards have complex curves with multiple radii) in determining the turn shape and edge hold. The higher the board is on edge, the more flex pattern contributes to the equation. Side cuts are easyish to describe. Is there a way of describing the flex pattern with the same level of precision? May be better as a separate thread, rather than hijacking this one.
  20. Trenchgear3D on Android, not sure on Apple. When you search leave no gaps. "TrenchGear3D" Scott Firestone put it together.
  21. Or, you could try a longer stance. That would give you a little more board width where the bindings are. I'm 6'0" (182cm), and started riding hardboots at a 50 cm stance. I'm now out to 56cm, and find I have better stability and bump absorption.
  22. Yes. How high an edge angle do you regularly achieve in your riding? Unless you're regularly putting your board on edge perpendicular to the snow you don't need absolutely no boot/binding bail edge overhang. Set the board up with your normal binding angles and stance. Follow Mark's instructions. Do not overthink it. Either a) Go ride it and get the Thirst smile on your dial. OR b) Tilt and bend the board onto the edge angle where the boot or bindings first touch the snow. Measure the angle. Obsess about the angle, and whether you're a good enough rider to get that high on edge. Sleep on it. Go ride it and get the Thirst smile on your dial.
  23. There's a Vintage For Sale section for gear older than 2006. Sadly the GS world has moved on a very long way since your board was made.
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