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  1. Lots of riders have setups with splay i.e. the 2 bindings at different angles, usually (not always) with the front higher than the rear. Not everyone stands naturally with their feet parallel. Some people stand with their toes pointing inwards. Your stationary stance on your snowboard should feel comfortable and well balanced, with your upper body roughly where it will be when you're riding. A slightly higher front foot angle makes it a little easier to rotate your upper body towards the front of the board. The + body position is used by lots of recreational carving snowboarders. Here the line of the shoulders is across the board. A significant proportion of racers favour their body pointing more across the board. This - body position has the line of the shoulders more aligned with the length of the board. Binding and boot setup vary from person to person, depending on their physique and riding style. One person's raw numbers actually mean very little without knowing a whole lot of other pieces of data.
  2. I'm in New Zealand and off all exciting sports till end July when my blood will be allowed to clot more normally after my heart attack & coronary artery stent in early October. Someone else will have to do it this time!
  3. @Tddragon Check out the Playlists on the Riot Supercarver YouTube site for a wealth of other carving snowboard videos. The stuff you learn, and the jumps in improvement you can make, are a major recommendation for going to events like the Montucky Clear Carve in February. The new friends you'll make are the icing on the cake. Now, we just need someone to get enthusiastic and shoot equivalent videos for the teaching sessions at MCC 2021. That way we can all get some benefit, even if we don't have the fun of being there in this crazy Covid world. @dredman
  4. Are the UPZ boots new to you as well, or did you ride the old board with them? If new, then the relatively steep slope of the UPZ footbed would explain much of your original problem. The spring system adjusts the fore and back flex when riding. The starting position of the cuff can also be varied and locked in one of 3 or 4 positions. Getting your front lower leg more upright will add to the effect of any front toe lift from the binding. If the boots are new to you, going through the process of adjusting your cuff canting, that is the side to side slope will be worthwhile. Look on YouTube, the process is essentially the same as for a ski boot. Can't remember if Beckmann's guide to gear setup referenced above has a section on cuff cant adjustment.
  5. I'm assuming you didn't change the position of your boot cuffs with the new binding setup. If you did and didn't mention it, reduce the forward lean on your front boot cuff to help you get your centre of mass between the bindings.
  6. It's winter, cold and dark, you can't even go snowboarding 'cause of Covid and not enough snow. What's a person to do to cheer up? The folks at Nate Silver's 538 have got drunk on Margarita's in the name of science and finding the best recipe, depending on your taste. They even published all the recipes for you to try. Enjoy! Hic...... https://fivethirtyeight.com/videos/we-got-drunk-on-margaritas-for-science/
  7. Thirst is soooo good, that I recently imported a Thirst Superconductor to New Zealand from the USA. I rate it in the same league as my Kessler 162 and my Coiler Nirvana Energy T4 174. Not that boards are the same, but each has superb edge hold, smile ability, and build quality. Read some of the Thirst board reviews in the Review section. Lots of Thirsty riders here!
  8. Also post in the Classifieds - Want to buy section. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  9. The review section needs your Thirsty ravings. Make me jealous. I'm in midsummer, with a new Thirst Superconductor burning a hole in its' sock in my garage.
  10. Ledecka has just won a Skiing World Cup Super G event as well. https://www.eurosport.com/alpine-skiing/val-d-isere-2/2020-2021/ester-ledecka-wins-women-s-super-g-glory-in-val-d-isere-alexis-pinturault-triumphs-on-the-gran-risa_sto8040117/story.shtml
  11. @Colozeus definitely worth watching!
  12. Can't believe that Mark has filled the RFF/goofy market for this beauty already. Superconductors are brilliant boards.
  13. https://youtu.be/v1YAuWJauk8 The articulation tech for the front two wheels could, I suspect, fairly easily be adapted to allow adaptive skiers to use 2 skis.
  14. @dgCarveThe article has been linked before in another thread and is well worth a read. Google Translate did a good job of turning it into understandable English.
  15. You actually "want" a Superconductor because of how it will ride. Colour is for lift rides and between seasons, for when you are so dry and thirsty for your next Superconductor ride! PS: added after I saw the response below. A little gentle ribbing was my intent. Mark makes beautiful boards.
  16. Only start to worry if you get offered propofol by your friendly co-rider of the lift while riding the Elk Camp chair at Snowmass.
  17. CMC is riding seriously bent forward at the waist. Not a suitable style for anyone my age (61) or older, or with tight hamstrings or lower back issues. Lots of beautiful carving stylists out there that aren't doing EC, or scrunched up like CMC. I've curated a whole lot of Bomber SES & ATC playlists on YouTube. Take your pick of the styles on offer. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbFkVPcmsd5oH-Oe0s3LEMw/playlists
  18. We did the return trip the following day via essentially the same route.
  19. Can't remember now if the Head Stratos I originally did this with, or the UPZ RC 10 I now ride came with holes both sides or whether I drilled them. If drill, it's a simple mirror placement at the heel drilled through from the out side. At least one other rider here had the same problem and has successfully used the same solution. Check for "heel pain" threads (heal in some spellings).
  20. Watchmakers apparently develop musclely forearms and hands. Strong muscles allow precise movements to be sustained and repeated. For any given level of muscle strength and cardio-respiratory capacity for oxygen delivery to said muscles, good technique will maximise the riding possible. The fact that I can ride my leg powered mountain bike 100km of undulating terrain doesn't mean my quads don't start to get a little lactate "burn" on the way down the hill. But it does explain, in part @Corey why I often have ridden past you sitting on the snow! https://strava.app.link/zBrBtzri2bb
  21. Pretty clear from multiple on line video reviews from a range of sources that the sensor system is able to give accurate pressure distribution, direction, angulation, acceleration and location information. Android and i-phone versions of the app are available. The product has been developing over a few years now. Their website FAQ section that there is no snowboard version, but I suspect they haven't thought about the niche area of alpine carving snowboarding. So how useful would the app be, given that we ride with our boots off the axis of direction of movement, with both boot lift and sometimes boot cant? I suspect that the data, even with the app setup for skiers could provide useful data to an instructor or racing coach for an alpine snowboard rider. The tech will probably appeal to at least some of the engineers here! @Corey Conjecture is of limited use. Someone who can carve well actually trying it would be illuminating. @Jack M a different type of review?
  22. Heel pain can be a problem with the conventional placement of the cables on the outside of the heel. Personal experience of swapping the heels so that the cable route is on the inside made my boots comfortable again.
  23. https://getcarv.com/ Anyone tried this for skiing or borrowed a setup and ridden a carving snowboard with the technology?
  24. You can buy new boards, boots & bindings. You can experiment till you have a comfortable and functional equipment setup. But you have to deliberately and mindfully practice to get good technique. Lessons (particular thanks Corey & Richard Knapp) helped me enormously on my progress to the point where riding with a mate he stopped to rest by the side of the trail and ruefully remarked "You're making more turns, better turns and with less effort!" Over the years, as my technique slowly improved, all my boards performed better. Whereas, I had to reach a certain level of skill before I could really start to appreciate the differences in performance between boards I owned and demo'ed. Lessons made for rapid, big jumps in my skills. Deliberate practice of what is taught, and as @Beckmann AG describes above, finding ways of carving with the least effort will end up with you riding smoothly and efficiently. It ain't the length of your wand, it's how you wiggle it!
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