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  1. Being alive tops most other things. Friends in your hours of need are precious. 6 months of dual antiplatelet treatment after modern cardiac stents will likely turn out to be plenty. Just bought my pass for this Southern winter. There's a new to me Thirst SC in the garage snuggled up next to a Coiler, a Kessler, and a RadAir. And I have friends to ride with in August. Life is good. (And I get my first Pfizer Covid shot this morning)
  2. Someone did a good job of putting you back together. Ribs typically take 6-8 weeks to really settle down. There's a story behind this you haven't told us.
  3. @hknz Your wife will probably be quite happy for you to mount them as wall art given the artists identity.
  4. Love it! Tag team carving
  5. @barryj Truly, somewhere out there is the perfect board for you, you just have to keep searching for it by buying new boards and selling the rejected ones on the Forum. Don't let anyone convince you that practice and perseverance will have any useful effect on your ability to make a beautiful, powerful, gasp-inducing carved turn. The answer is finding the perfect board. - - - - - -
  6. Probably T4, as Bruce had a limited T3 supply and was saving it for smaller riders.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/18/covid-vaccine-side-effects-pfizer-moderna-johnson-is-it-safe FYI
  8. The USA is "unique in the world." "Only in America!" A phrase used with pride in the USA. The rest of the world use it, shrug and give a wry smile.
  9. Like @Jack M look where your carve will end, but now I'm always looking for open space to carve into, away from the traffic around me.
  10. Interested in your comment about bump absorption and stance. My own experience on a skwal was the same, bump absorption was superb, and my assumption is that the stance improves our ability to use our knees and quads muscles as active shock absorbers. I've tried to take that lesson back into my snowboard riding, where I'm riding a 65F/60R 56cm length stance, and relax my legs enough to use my knees more to absorb bumps. What stance, lift and canting did you end up feeling comfortable with?
  11. Understanding what is a common setup for people with normal anatomy is an essential precursor for making rational changes to accommodate known skeletal problems. The journey to an individualized setup should not be a process of random experimentation. If you want it to be, don't be surprised if you end up frustrated, puzzled, and sore.
  12. I placed the set square as shown to touch whichever piece of boot it hit at points around the whole of the boot. I marked the paper at the point at the bottom of the vertical. I joined the dots to make the shape shown. I placed the set square by the boot midsole mark and marked that point. I drew straight lines for the long axis and to join the midsole marks. I measured the long axis either side of the midsole line. The only calculation is dividing 8 by 2 to get 4mm.
  13. Determined the drag profile of my UPZ RC10s, 324mm shell. Marked a piece of paper where a right angle dropped from the contact point lands (c.f. Fuego method of determining boot position in binding and on board). See link photos for clarity. https://imgur.com/a/wJC0YBo On my 324mm shell, the sole midpoint mark is 4mm in front of the midpoint of the profile of the boot that would drag if the board/boot were at 90 degrees tilt, i.e. on its side. When we mount bindings/boots on a board in a directional stance (not duckfoot) the sidecut curve means that the board is wider at the rear boot heel and the front boot toe.
  14. Yes, I've experienced pretty much what you describe. I used to think about the way that I rode to achieve a carved turn as requiring that my knee on the outside of the turn had to be consciously pulled towards the inside of the turn. For a heel side turn that's the rear knee. For a toeside turn that's the front knee. I didn't try to "fix" this by altering my bindings, nor did I think it was a problem. I just learned to do it consistently to achieve carved turns. A couple of years back I changed the body part I mentally concentrated on as I rode. I learned how to ride while being aware of the pressure on the soles of my feet. For a left turn I shift my weight to the left side of BOTH feet. For a right turn I shift my weight to the right side of BOTH feet. When I "feel" how I achieve that balance shift I find that the knee on the outside of the turn is being pulled slightly towards the inside of the turn. By keeping my binding setup neutral I think that I create a consistent base for turns in both directions. If I setup to favour a turn in one direction, then it will make it harder to turn the other way.
  15. Life is not meant to be lived on the sofa/couch! (or whatever you call a 2-3 person seat where you live) There are some things in life that are so much fun you should only stop doing them when you just can't do it any more. The "evil day" will come for each of us crazies here when we just can't physically carve a snowboard anymore. Until then......
  16. I'm pretty much like you. I look at the other rider/skier and think about how likely is what I say to change their behaviour? There are relatively few people today who will admit they were at fault in a collision, even in a NZ where the consequences of admitting fault are minimal.
  17. Go Ladia! A day on snow is better than a day almost anywhere else.
  18. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  19. PhilW hasn't posted here yet, but I'm pretty sure he would echo my recommendation to carve a Kessler KST 162 slalom race board HARD. Just make sure you've done some pre-season quads muscle and cardio-respiratory conditioning first. Careful carving the Donek MK really hard. You'll come round so fast you'll kiss your own a**!
  20. I ran into a hairy, barefoot guy at the shops called Peter, and he asked me why I looked thoughtful. I explained the poll to him, and he said I should go ask Finn Bomberdill. (I live in Wellywood)
  21. https://imgur.com/a/JNjfR1v (images of my feet shape + photo of my feet) I used 3D Avatar Feet to do these images (Google Play store). It used an A4 piece of paper as a reference size/shape and involved multiple photos guided by an onscreen rectangle. The software undersized my foot length by approx 1cm. Measuring my feet by heel against a known vertical and to tip big toe I am 28.9 and 29.0 cm. I use the 324mm UPZ shell with Intuition mondo 29.0 liners. I used the same UPZ size chart shown above to reach that decision based on my measured foot length and knowing that my toes needed room from my previous Head Stratos Pros mondo 29 boots needing to have big toe punch outs. I have had to have both my UPZ shells punched out to give my big toes more room to the side because of the way my toes splay out. Prior to this the big toes would bruise and be very sore in the UPZs. Apart from that my toes have enough room to move inside the boot toe box and to allow me to make more active balancing movements.
  22. Happily ride UPZ RC10 mondo 29 on Intec F2s and Bomber TD3s. Remember, you're looking at a same/shorter shell if you go to mondo 29. UPZ heel just moved things in a little more. I moved away from Deeluxe because of heel hold issues, and that is better in my UPZs. Use Intuition Powerwrap liners after stock UPZ liners left me with blistered shins. UPZ North America have had end of season sales in the past. I bought my boots during one of those. PS: nothing too shabby about the riding in the video!
  23. Over servicing is always going to be an issue in a medical system where it is fundamentally a money making business, rather than a service. In a publicly funded, universal healthcare service your doctor gets paid whether he/she operates or not. That environment does not reward over treating or over investigating patients.
  24. Read this and be inspired to make the best of all your days. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/feb/21/its-never-too-late-elderly-high-achievers
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