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  1. @Neil Gendzwill Not you, Neil! Brother Lowrider tempted me by mixing politics and people being counter to modern science. I cannot say more without incurring the wrath of the mods!
  2. @lowriderOh I am so tempted to post something that the mods will have to delete! ............ deleted
  3. @teach Wrong order. Get cuff canting done first. Establish a baseline of flat boot soles. Then work out if you need binding lift and/or cant (see video below).
  4. Both of the hamstring stretch techniques shown will put major stress on your lumbar spine. I am in my early 60's, just like you Barry, and do lots of cycling in the off season. I have a life time of tight hamstrings! I use the hamstring stretch I describe and illustrate in this post below. It is a powerful hamstring stretch but protects your lumbar spine.
  5. @Jack M Do you have a sense of why such a different experience between your K168 and the K185?
  6. 182 cm tall, 89.5cm leg inseam, 56cm (22 inch) stance, 60-65 front, 60 rear. UPZ RC10, modded rear for better heel lift control, and to allow greater forward flex without buckle impingement. Use 6-9 degrees lift front, and 9 degrees rear. No cant used on either foot. (Bomber TD3, 6 degree cant disc, 3 degree wedges under toe and heel blocks) Front boot cuff positioned on 1st position, i.e. more vertical. Front springs set to medium compression to allow some give for bump absorption. Rear boot position 3-4, i.e flexed forward. Rear springs set uncompressed to allow easy forward flex. Long stance gives long base of support and allows me to drop my centre of mass and keep it centred over the board. To do this my rear lower leg must be able to bend forward a lot. Hence the various settings. Note that I ride a + stance, that is facing forward and arms extended sideways (see avatar).
  7. @b0ardskiI'm also witnessing the decrepification of my body. I turn 62 soon, and finding my previously very able body is starting to betray me. Laughter is good medicine, certainly for me.
  8. "decrepification" Love it! A new word to use with my patients!
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/feb/15/he-was-the-steve-jobs-of-audio-how-rupert-neve-changed-the-sound-of-music-recording
  10. Kids that do that to my boards get the "death" stare! If they're with their parents I speak to the parents, if alone I explain lift queue etiquette to them. I have a way with words! One of the Covid social distancing advantages is that it wasn't possible winter 2020 season!
  11. Forget the hours on the field, the number of vertical metres ridden, the number of days ridden. Remember the runs that brought a mile wide smile to your face, the hoots from the chairlift above, and if you're fortunate enough, times spent with like minded crazies carving beautiful lines in the snow. Those are the things I endlessly replay in my head on summer evenings as I sip a cold Garage Project product. https://garageproject.co.nz/
  12. Alpine snowboard boots are most accurately sized via the mondo system. This is based on the length of your foot in centimetres. Measure the length of both of your feet. If the longest foot is between 24.0 & 24.9cm then you should fit a mondo 24 boot. UPZ boots have a narrower shell heel than the Deeluxe boots, and many riders find they get better heel hold down in UPZs. UPZs come with a spring adjustment mechanism that allows adjustment of the forward and backward flex to soften or stiffen the flex. Deeluxe boots can be fitted with a spring system but it's an aftermarket add on. There are aftermarket spring systems for both, but a lot of UPZ users find the inbuilt spring system perfectly adequate. (I have used Deeluxe, and now use UPZ) Both brands accept Intec heels for stepin bindings. Both brand boots are improved by replacing the stock liners with aftermarket heat moldable liners. Just seen I'm echoing Jack Michaud in the post above.
  13. Sean Martin from Donek is creating/curating a repository of hardbooting instruction for those who want to learn to carve and improve their carving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLJZN2QUq3Dr7WK-I-oTryLqWvnDsEBdbJ&v=A1XXbcuOVAk (link takes you directly to the playlist)
  14. @FelixD By angles we mean - 0 degrees = long axis of the binding is perpendicular to the long axis of the board. 90 degrees = the long axis of binding and board are exactly aligned. Typically in hard boots, the front binding will be about 5 degrees higher angled than the rear, e.g. 50 degrees front compared to 45 degrees rear. Typically binding angle will range between 40 degrees to 70 degrees, generally such that the rear boot heel and toe do not protrude outside of the profile of the snowboard.
  15. Skwal riding reminds us how good knees are at absorbing shocks when knees and direction of travel are aligned. I found the same thing, that skwal riding is easy on the knees.
  16. Sean, just a warning. If you hang around here long enough you'll likely become a completely obsessed hardbooter. I don't know what you're riding but the modern boards are just so much fun to ride that it's like crack cocaine, very addictive! You'll just want more and more of it. You'll become another lost soul, like me, and so many others here, who live the rest of the year craving the carve of the new Thirst Superconductor in my garage and winter here is still 6 months away! Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!
  17. Deeluxe and UPZ cheaper, Mountain Slope more expensive. Mountain Slope owners seem to be enthusiastic about all day comfort and not having to release buckles between runs. MS also have a range of shell stiffness depending upon whether freeride or World Cup racing is your goal. Not Intec heel compatible. Deeluxe wider heel inside shell. Some riders struggle to get good heel hold down in them. UPZ better with narrower heel and better hold down. Both boot brands Intec heel compatible. Deeluxe and UPZ fit better and more comfortable with an aftermarket moulded liner added. (adds to overall cost) Generally difficult to try before you buy because of the very limited number of physical shops stocking any of the boots in the USA. Personally, I use UPZ RC10s bought 2017, Intec heels for my stepin bindings, rear boot shell buckles have been modified and aftermarket liners. Good performance riding but I have to release buckles for the lift ride.
  18. How often would you get that slope all to yourself? (Edit: Yes, absolutely it's a rhetorical question )
  19. Start a local chapter of Snowboard Collectors Anonymous. My name is ........ and I've been a snowboard collector for 12 years. It's now 365 days 3hrs and 2 minutes since my last acquisition....
  20. Best wishes for a great MCC from the Southern Hemisphere! Make some turns for me. Shoot lots of photos and videos please, so all those who can't be there can vicariously enjoy Dave's great event.
  21. I'm salivating over my keyboard!
  22. @st_lupoGravel rash on board and rider! Watch the video.
  23. That was painful to watch in so many ways. Can you have "hero scree"?
  24. Now that's what I can really call "mountain biking"!!! And would you want to use those skis ever again???
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