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  1. Bought for my girlfriend Platinum 2019 new for 190 Eur Triax/carbon/sintered base Rocker/camber/rocker Flex is 6/10 by feeling Soft/medium/hard, very responsive when flexing, beautiful and very good quality
  2. New Nidecker Spectre? Is should be improved Proto Btw I like your posts, you seem down to eart guy, you like gear that most people wouldnt ride, but fact is that its soo many good gear out there, and truth is that 90 procent is in rider not gear ... but I understand that bling name is what many people look for ...
  3. 150 eur was price in local store, same price was on ebay, also bought Driver X for 145 eur, all new of course
  4. Thanks for link, great gear and prices, but already got a great deal on new Eliminator WC titanial - 75 off the price, it will be interesting to compare same shape WC wood vs WC titanial, cant wait, thanks everyone for help, have a great season
  5. Agree with others, great boots, tried them in store, if I return to HB it will be 1st on my list, price is even greater 150 eur normal and 260 eur carbon
  6. Well I always look for P/P, SG, Kessler and Oxess, are expensive boards, maybe F2, it is same build quality and riding, but better price, anyway I wouldnt feel the difference as Im not that good, Elan Ballistic SL has good price if you can find it, last year I know you could buy it for 380 eur, used boards are so so to buy, you never know what you got, and after 50-70 days, its life is gone, ok for some maybe 100, Nobile is more than 1200 eur I think, snowboard production is cheap, shure alpine gear is small scale production, but for me its not worth to pay more than 1000 eur for any snowboard
  7. Im from Europe, so no US gear for me ... Im curious is anybody importing US gear to EU Well look like I will have to buy titanal board, to see how it rides, cant hurt if I have adittional gear, that I need for icy conditions, good excuse for my wife why I have bougt it :))) thanks everyone for help
  8. I have put liners from Driver x to Burton Reactor and ride with them, it was great feeling, very comfy wich was strange to me, because Driver x were really hurting my feet
  9. Ok, my bad, didnt wanted to sound like I know everything, and dont need advice, just that I know latest tech, I use english rearly and need time to think right words...please dont be like guys on alpine gear that I admired from first time I saw them on race equpment laying perfect carves, but when asked about advice, and they saw my softboot equipment, I got rude answers and bad attitude, I was so disapointed every time I asked...Im loughing now that I think about it, but all I wanted is to learn carving...
  10. I know everything about tech in snowboarding, Have Eliminator 2018 and Vantage 2016 so new gear basically Im just curious about titanal board, how it rides, yes I heard comments, that it doesnt have "pop".... is for ice condition titanal must ?
  11. Never tried titanal board, when talking to riders some swear by it, others dont like it, are titanal boards more demanding to ride, more stiffer, what is feeling when riding one vs normal snowboard
  12. Camber is fine, but vario camber is better, its on every new alpine gear for a reason
  13. Long, stiff, camber all thing of the past for SB
  14. Latest Jones ultracraft are not so good for carving, buy 2018 year or older, I wanted to buy it for my girlfriend new 2019 model was 270 eur, but then got new F2 Eliminator WC WOOD for 250 eur Who said snowboarding is expensive
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