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Mellow Yellow

SOLD - Oxess eXR 174 for Sale or Trade (Updated Price)

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Very good condition Oxess

SOLD USD shipped

Board Specifications:

  • Model: eXR174
  • Model year: 2013/2014
  • SN: 13033
  • Construction: Carbon
  • Length: 1.74m
  • Edge: 1.60m
  • Radius: 13.0/19.0 m
  • Min Width: 219 mm
  • Stance: 510 mm

Great board, I just prefer a skinnier waist. Never gets used and I need to make some room for some new toys. Bottom covered in storage wax. Has a few superficial top sheet marks that are posted below.





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Ewwwwww..   Ick.... Yuk...

Whats an Oxesseses? Never heard of them.. is it from Korea?  Can I ride it with softboots?  Is It fast?  How does it look when wet?

I can try it first right....

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Kidding of course, buy with confidence!   Great boards, great price....bullet proof 

These carbon boards give you a smooth ride, and good rebound..

Been my board of choice, cant go wrong here...

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They are hand built in Djibouti, but the top sheet is finished in Korea, I can see how you'd be confused! I actually ride hard boots in the front and soft in the rear, personal preference of course. I can get er' up to 15mph, blazing fast. Damn sexy when wet 😘😍

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1 hour ago, Mellow Yellow said:

That is a great question. I don't know. My weight has varied during my ownership of this one... rode it at 175 and 150, no issues.

So you would say it is made for 170lbs? Thanks 

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I would say 170lbs is a fine weight to ride this board...but do not know if it was made for any specific weight range. It rode great for me so I would assume it was made for a fairly wide range.

I personally did not have this board built, it was a prototype that I bought from Marcel at Oxess.

I asked Marcel @ Oxess if it was made for a certain range, will let you know if I get a response.

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8 hours ago, trailertrash said:

Does this board come with some of your southern charm? Will it get me in the pictures?

that... and a few Sugarloaf stickers!

5 hours ago, drschwartz said:

How much for the Burton Backhill??😎👍


10k, and I'll throw in the Oxess! 😜

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Sorry, Oxess too wide for me, but I agree great boards, I have two of them.

Here’s my backhill



But this is my favorite board!



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    • By timbox18
      Coiler Nirvana Energy 174 - Snake Graphic
      Nose 25.5cm, Waist 20cm, Tail 24.5cm, Insert Spacing 46cm/48cm/50cm, SCR ?
      Inscription on the sidewall: T 174 NFC 013 CDB 6.4+5
      Purchased from @pmorita last season.  Rode it twice last season, and once this season... Not getting along with it.  I feel more comfortable on wider boards...
      Topsheet have normal light scratches, light binding residue where mounted.  Base has light scratches, and very faint base suck under inserts.  Light tarnishing on edges at nose/tail.  Used once after waxing this season.  Edges should to be sharpened to your liking...
      $350 + shipping
      Board is in NYC.  Local pickup can be arranged also...


    • By BallisticBeach
      Length:          170 CM –1.7M
      Edge:             156CM –1.56M
      Radius:          14.0M(Side cut)
      Min Width:     18.5CM – 185MM
      Stance:          48CM –480MM
      At Oxess we carefully produce all products by hand, including all raceboards. We only use very high-quality materials. Thanks to the experience ofmore than 25 years in snowboard construction, Oxess builds snowboards ofhighest quality and durability. 
      Race boards from Oxess impress with their high performance, both interms of smooth-running, carving characteristics and ice grip. This is done byadapting the progression of board stiffness and flexibility to the customer'sindividual needs by using special materials (carbon, fiberglass, titanal,rubber) and CNC-milled wood cores.
      With the TC (Torsion Control) developed by Oxess, the power isoptimally distributed to the board by means of 3D-construction. Thus, theseforces can act where they are needed. Ideal preconditions for top athletes aswell. 
      While we use carbon as a top sheet for slope riders, since it makes theboard very agile and allows a wide application area, we work almost exclusivelywith titanal for racers, which makes the board
      Of course, we can also customize all models for special requirementsaccording to the customer's needs.
      Meanwhile Oxess is very well represented in alpine racing. Athletesfrom various national teams and junior squads in Europe, Asia and Americaappreciate the individual support of Team Oxess and the possibility to tailorthe ideal snowboard for themselves. Oxess hence, makes a significantcontribution to places on Oxess snowboards are proof enough.
      Also listed the item on ebay with more photos - https://www.ebay.com/itm/202917587154
      Only used a handful of times... Looking to get $500 - OBO 
      Cell 518.229.4666 or email josh@518loans.com


    • By yamifumi
      I have 2 boards for sale. 162cm & 174cm.
      Kessler 162cm: this is a slalom board. I am not exactly sure on SCR but I am assuming it is in the range of 7-12m variable SCR. There is cosmetic scratches on top sheet. I actually recently bought this board but I have new board coming in so I need to lighten up the load. This has 20cm waist. Flex is comparable to normal slalom board.
      PRICE: $OLD
      Kessler 174cm: there are moderate vist rash and other type of plate rushes. There are also some indentation due to use of plates but none of it affects how it rides. This board is considered to be GS board but I am not sure the SCR. I am assuming it is in the range of 10-16m variable SCR. This has 19cm waist. Flex is softer than 162. Has nick on the bottom sheet that does not affect the ride at all. It has good structural grind done by professional, hence base is fast. 
      PRICE: $OLD
    • By bsp
      Lightly used slalom board. Oxess last year board . A ton of edge left!
      700$ plus shipping from the east coast

    • By ronagliati
      my friends, can anybody tell me how much weight has a bx 163, 14,5 - carbon - OXESS????
    • By A.Leal
      I have two 159 oxess sbx boards with 12m sidecuta for sale. These boards were raced on the World Cup full time last year and have been extremely well maintained. These boards would be great for an up and coming nor am girl or boy. 
      Please let me know if you have any questions. 
      Asking $650 plus shipping.
      (Only one board left now)
      Please email me at austinleal at hotmail.com
      Photos attached below. 
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      Dear Raceboarder/Extremecarver
      What a joy !
      The date of the next Moon&Carve session is fixed. At the 16th & 17th February 2019 the Moon&Carve session is held the second time at the winter sports area of Elsigen-Metsch, Frutigen at the Metschalp in beautiful Switzerland.
      The following manufacturers will be there: Oxess, Goltes, Kessler, Plasma, Mountain Slope, Sense.
      As usual you will find detailed information about the event on our Moon&Carve Homepage:
      The event is organized by local raceboarders. Because we are no commercial organisation and the event is free for all participants, we are thankful for all PR. We would be glad if you spread the good news and give us a like 👍.
      We're already looking forward to have a cool session with you!
      Ride Hard
      The Moon&Carve Team

      web: http://www.moon-and-carve.com
      news: https://www.facebook.com/MoonAndCarve/
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    • By Emdee406
      Oxess 159 SBX, 12m sidecut. Holes are
      set at 21.5” or 54cm. Very light use, base is 10/10 and was ground and initially serviced by US SBX Team Serviceman. Really nice crosshatch structure, it’s currently got storage wax on it, as it hasn’t been used in 2 seasons, and was only ridden one day a season before that - I have no further plans to race, and need to buy something I’ll actually use. 
      It’s a bargain at $650. Serious offers only. 
      Thanks for looking. 
      Ps. That’s the same board as in my profile pic  
      Pps. Neither cat nor boots included. 

    • By nextcarve
      We are addicted to Zinal. 
      So we share this little video with you.
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