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If you could only have one carving board.


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I'd want something with about an 11m or 12m VSR, maybe high 160s or low 170s long. Metal to handle ice, and a 21cm waist to offer a balance of float in soft snow and not being too wide. You could wrap that into tighter turns or stretch out the radius if conditions allow. That answer would change if I only rode somewhere with either wide open runs or very narrow runs.

I biased my answer towards the shorter board/sidecut as I really hate riding big boards on narrow or not-very-steep trails. They're stressful on narrow stuff and downright boring on mellow runs. But if it's open, rocking a big board is wicked fun!

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Coiler Angrry 160. It's a SL variant.

I took that board everywhere... The base and edge are full of "battle scar". This is my go to board if I go somewhere new.

It never feel too small; well there is this one time in Big Sky Mt; I did wished for more SCR.

Why stopped at one :-)

If I am to do it all over again:

One SL size 160

One AMT/VSR 170+

One GS size 180+

One Powder board

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For retro coolness, it would have to be the Aggression Stealth, my dream board that I never bought, with the most extreme asymmetric shift of any board I saw, and the cool zebra black and white fancy ptex base. BTW if anyone has a goofy one lying around I'll take it ;-)

However, in the real world, I find it hard to go past the new generation of slalom boards, my Oxess 162 is maybe a little skittish at high speed, but for everything else, it's very very awesome. Cranks tight turns, can handle medium radius turns, loves the steeps, rides well at medium speed, can ride in powder at a push (well Hokkaido powder up to knee deep, although not quite ideal for it) and as others say about other modern slalom boards, it never feels too small.

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