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  1. After reading that thread, I'm so glad to have reserved a spot on Bruce schedule for next winter a few months ago.
  2. Rode everything but it was not equal between the boards. Coiler Nirvana Energy 174 T4, my goto board, incredible edge hold, use it on my lttle hill and in Aspen, it rides well everywhere. Coiler Nirvana Energy 170, rode it 2-3 times only because of the 174. Was sold end of february. Coiler Angrry 160, rode it to get some cardio training, very fun board, very alive ! Dynastar 3800 163, I used to ride it with hard boots, I bought soft boots last year and I now ride the 3800 with soft boots, this board sees action only if there is a lot of soft snow. Very versatile board. Nidecker Proto 167, this one did not see a lot of snow this last winter. I'll probably sell it.
  3. Coiler Nirvana Energy 170 Waist 20cm, sidecut radius 12-14m Inscription on the sidewall: 170 NFC 013 6.4+5 Base has been ground only once. I'm the only owner, board in good condition and has been ridden rarely in the last 5 years. Topsheet have normal light scratches, one nick at the tail Bindings and shipping not included. 400$ + shipping
  4. I rode 6 days in Aspen, after 3 days, I tried the Iron Spa in Glenwood Springs. 16 spas with water from 98 to 108 degrees, just beside the Colorado river with view on the mountains. There is also a big swimming pool with warm water. What is missing : a cold spa ( but there was snow to lie in to get refreshed), a therapeutic massage would also be a good addition to the spas. After a day spend there I was ready for 3 more days of carving!
  5. They are severals, anyone you recommend?
  6. I'll be in Aspen for 7 days in february, but I'll be riding 6 days out of 7, taking a day off in the middle. While attending SES/ATC, my legs were tired after day 5. So what to do in the aspen area , beside visiting aspen ? A day relaxing in a spa would be nice, any comments from glenwood springs (yampah hot springs) ? Or other place similar?
  7. Since you'll be there on a Saturday, i recommend buttermilk for less crowd. If on a weekday I would rdcommend Snowmass which has so many big wide runs.
  8. Peut-etre la 1ere fois de l'année ce soir !?
  9. Those bindings were on a board I bought, I use them twice to remember how it was to ride standard bindings. 50$ + shipping. SOLD
  10. J'espère que vous pourrez trouver une autre passion !
  11. Last time I went to aspen, ses/ATC was still alive. We're 4 carvers going to ride aspen mountains from February 8 to 15, 2020. Anyone else going at those dates? Always fun to ride/ meet with other carvers.
  12. Thanks David for asking, I hope to a lot of carvers on the second week of February. Who's coming?
  13. Faut poursuivre la tradition! Mais je suis a MTL juste la fin de semaine du 7-8 septembre.
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