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  1. Did this with the family on our way to Finland two years ago. There was no (or very little) charge to create a 4 day stop-over in Iceland. We travelled as far as we could, and saw as much as we could in the 4 days. If you do your research you can find reasonably priced hotels, AirBnB, etc. and rental car. It's cheaper if you drive stick. Iceland is like being on another planet. One of the most amazing places I've ever been. It should be on everyone's bucket list.
  2. I got AZ as my first dose 3 weeks ago. I didn't want it, but it was all that was available to me at the time. Pfizer didn't become available to me until this week, so given my line of work I made the right choice to get the AZ even with the risk. They should be stopping AZ anyway because of the supply issue, regardless of the 1-60k issue. In the UK after the 2nd dose blood clotting drops to about 1 in 1.1M. I will take those odds rather than "mix and match" with Pfizer.
  3. In Ontario we have been under a "stay at home order" since April 8th, and they announced yesterday that they will be extending that order to June 3rd. Nothing is open, not even outdoor activities like golf. It's a bit depressing, especially for the kids. We are still letting them meet up with friends outdoors, but even that is against the rules. Vaccinations are going well. Covid cases are finally on the decline which is good.
  4. I bought a board from Pierre a couple years ago. Was exactly as described and in great shape. Buy with confidence.
  5. We have now added the dual mutant variant from India to our collection. Dozen cases in BC, a couple in Quebec.
  6. My arm is sore and this afternoon I got the chills. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow.
  7. I am a regular inside that Amazon (was there this morning). After the shut down it is very different. Less people in the building. Switched from 1 entrance to 4 separate entrances. Huge screening tents outside the building. Voluntary rapid testing. Mandatory Amazon issued disposable mask, etc. Peel Health made a new rule that if a company gets 5 linked cases they can shut them down so I'm sure they are nervous about that as well. Between lack of vaccines, lack of travel restrictions, variants and poor provincial leadership Ontario is on fire. The variants spread like wild fire. Just look at the Vancouver Canucks. I got my first covid shot yesterday. Even though I do service calls in the worst covid hot spots in all of Canada (manufacturing, food processing, warehousing, etc) I wouldn't qualify for Pfizer or Moderna until June. I took Astra Zeneca. My second shot of AZ is scheduled for July 20th, but I'm hoping to get it sooner.
  8. I have 425s. I measure 27.1 and 27.2 and ride ride in 26s. I have narrow feet. I originally wore size 27 Raichle but even using foot pads to fill the volume I never liked they way they felt. My last 2 pairs of Deeluxe have booth been 26s and they fit great. Liners need to be fully moldable. I do not fit in the non-moldable size 26 Deeluxe liners.
  9. Thanks all. My posture seems very good after surgery. Pretty sure the suit will still fit. Honestly, I had just gotten back from Whistler where the conditions were outstanding. I was feeling like a million bucks. Went harder than I should have for the conditions/visibility. A very costly lesson learned. My wife works at a gym and is bringing me home a stationary recumbent. As for a real recumbent....unless they make one that goes on the trail it's not going to happen. The collar bone is pain free. It's amazing actually. I'm not allowed to use that arm though, as I could pull apart the doctors hard work. The ribs feel better everyday. I went back to work yesterday after being off for 4 weeks. I know multiple people that had issue with hardware and had to have them removed. However, I only plan to get the hardware out if I react to it. This is my second rib injury. I was once speared in ball hockey that broke the tip of one of my ribs. I remember how long it took to be 100% free from pain. It's a long road.
  10. Before and after pics. The collar bone has no pain what so ever. Ribs still bother me. 3 more weeks in a sling then I can start rehab. I can't wait till I'm strong enough to bike again.
  11. I crashed hard a week ago Sunday. I've been riding hard boots for 25+ years and never been hurt before. It was very flat light and foggy. You couldnt see a thing and just had to feel your way down the hill. On my 4th run I made hard toe side turn right into moguls which were only on half the run, and not their the week before. 9 broken ribs, pneumothorax and a shatters collar bone. Had surgery on the collar bone yesterday. They estimated a plate with 7 screws. Surgery went well. I have no numbness anywhere. Ribs are all lined up and won't be an issue. This season has been a total shit show with the crappy weather early season, and then the closing of the Ontario hills. I got out 5 days total. I'm hoping for a 3 month recovery so I can get the most out of mountain biking season. I was riding almost everyday up until the trails got icy.
  12. I'm pretty sure I can file a dispute with my credit card company and win my money back, but I don't want to do that to MSLM. I have emailed them. I hope they do the right thing.
  13. I just learned that St. Louis Moonstone changed their refund policy. They were offering a 100% refund (regardless if you skied or not) or 30% off next season if you kept your pass. I chose to keep my pass. After the province announced the stay at home order and extension of the lockdown they changed their policy to a tiered system. After skiing only 1 day I will loose $275.81 on my pass, and $229.84 on Tyler's pass. St. Louis is a family run hill, and I want to support them, but this seems a bit much.
  14. For the BTS system these are equivalent to the soft yellow springs springs. There is a list somewhere on this forum that shows the spring rates for all of them. Forward spring: https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/0300270?isPunchout=false Back spring: https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/0300266?isPunchout=false
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