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  1. Like new. Ridden 3 times. Finally too short for me. Very little ding on the top sheet side email me to get more pictures. located in Quebec, Canada 675$ USD Pierre
  2. Hi, I have a 2020 Prior 4wd 164 XCE carbon for sale. It is new. I must have ride it 4 or 5 half day. Like 25 rides at best. It is just not for me. I ride a Prior WC 177 and I wanted something shorter. Pierre
  3. Hi, I do have a kit to sell. With all springs (3 Colors) Pierre
  4. waist 195mm, got it in 2014, unused 2016 and 2017 due to injury, 30 days in with a 165lbs rider on. excellent conditions. $325 without bindings.
  5. Sorry for the delay. I just posted my Prior FLC 173 on Kijiji. Pierre
  6. Are you still looking ? Will have a 2015 (unused 2016-2017) Prior FLC 173 for sale in the upcoming weeks. See Prior Web site for more details Pierre
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