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    Habitant Gabriel Olympia
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    Swoard gen3
    JJA soft boots
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    Head stratos+bts
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    Catek step in
    Head carbon
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  1. J’ai des billets pour tremblant à 50$ et bromont a 40$ attention valide pour cette saision
  2. Dantheman

    SL board

    I’m looking for a Recent SL board w 200 pounds rider
  3. Dantheman

    JJA plate

    Yes I ask JJA I don’t have 13 cm gs
  4. Dantheman

    JJA plate

    I don’t know how can I find it
  5. Dantheman

    SL board

    Looking for a recent SL board 200 pounds rider
  6. Dantheman

    JJA plate

    Looking for a plate to replace my broken one JJA first gen
  7. Still available ? How much ? Can you send me pics and specs please
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