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  1. Hi Lowrider. I'm just following the guidelines. Social distancing & washing hands. I feel bad that we're not getting take-out from our local restaurants, but we're just not going to risk it. I did buy a couple of gift cards from some of them online to help support them. We are just trying to lay low & keep away from people. It sucks... Stay well!
  2. I went to the grocery store here in NoCo NH. I was shocked with how many out of state cars were in the parking lot & on the roads. MA, CT, RI, NY. Actually lots of NY & RI. More than I ever normally see. My friend in VT says she has also seen more New Yorkers than she has ever seen.
  3. I've been running K2 Maysis wides & Ride Insanos. I have never had the boa loosen up on me. I crank them down very tight though. I also ordered the K2 Thraxis that should be delivered today. I will try them this weekend, but its come on good authority that they work really well. If you are looking to really stiffen up the boot, I suggest aftermarket wrap liners. I have Intuition Power Wraps in my soft boots & Plug Wraps in my hard boots. With that being said & looking back at your question, I do loosen up my boots after every run when I get on the lift & then crank them down tight again at the top. They do not get loose on me though. they stay tight as a drum until I release the boa.
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/5cRDUrzBWLLTp7pR8
  5. Richelson's did a pair for me last year (foot beds & mold Intuition Power Wraps for my soft boots). They were very thorough. took foot measurements, etc. Richelson's gave me a discount on the liners & molding if I bought them though them. I just had Roger's Ski & Sport blow out my new 425s for my wide feet & also mold a set of Intuition Plug Wraps. They fit great now, but over charged me for the liners+ shipping.... I could have bought them cheaper online. If I was to use Roger's again, I would buy the liners elsewhere & then have them mold/blow out the shells.
  6. Here is a pair of sz 31m Track 325 TL in great shape. comes with a pair of extra stiff Raichle race tongues & footbeds. If you have big feet, these are the boot for you. $150 plus shipping. sold
  7. Interesting article. Thanks for posting. As a father of a u10 ski racer, I know they have started implementing changes to the u12 & under programs to help lower costs. Not sure if they make much of a difference though...
  8. I cant measure mine until tomorrow night, but I have no problem with my 31m 325s fitting in them. The boot overall length is 332 on my shells. I believe that is the same for the 31.5m.
  9. Sorry, I don't know any around Boston. Up in NH, I have had good luck with Sport Thoma & Andes Ski Shop. Both in Bartlett. They tune my son's race skis & have done a great job on my boards.
  10. Great riding with you Dave! Thanks for the help with the boots. Hope to catch up again sometime. Enjoy your travels!
  11. It was bulletproof when not in direct sun today! There were grooming spillway this afternoon. I'll be out on my coiler in the am. Ill see you out there!
  12. Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to help me out. I was wondering if anyone knew what the BSL was for Deeluxe boots in 30 Mondo? I have a pair in 31 mondo & they measure 332mm. I was hoping the 30m would have a shorter BSL. Thanks in advance!
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