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  1. What's wrong with adults having fun too? Hold on, wait, i think i know what sentence comes next.... Dude, shut up and ride Depends on how you are using the term scoot.
  2. Star Wars riglet park. Yeah, kids are having fun playing in snow. How horrible. Why would we ever consider allowing kids to have fun playing on a toy?
  3. Amy Purdy in the face of adversary. Tremendous. Short and honest.
  4. 3/1 or 2/1 on alpine decks (though on my SG's I don't actually know) and whatever the heck on other decks. Priority is keeping them clean. I love my ceramic and diamond stones. Ice coaster here. Ride all conditions. Round edges suck.
  5. Any interest in a t-board? They are fun to ride. Great for "carving" down hills. The more adventurous you are the more versatile it becomes. It is mature. I may be able to find extra wheels. I have children and have found myself primarily chasing them on a long board in a relatively flat area. So it's time it found a new home. Make an offer.
  6. It's a blog. English is not the primary language. Seeing as how she earned her level 1 CASI in Japan in 2018 I suspect that she demoed readily available boards. I agree with the statement that the title was an overreach. Frankly, the purpose is to make snowboarding more accessible to more people. Let her share the stoke. That's the intention of the author. Think of how cool it is that she is actively searching for more knowledge. Every day that we get to ride is a gift. Some years we are blessed beyond our wildest imaginations and others our wants are far from met. Enjoy what you are given and keep your eyes fixed there.
  7. There is something to be said about using a binding that works well with a specific board. Companies invest a lot of time into creating their gear pairings and often it has a very positive outcome. Not an answer for everyone. No single thing will meet everyone's needs. I enjoy flexy soft boots with malavita's (burton boots fit my feet well and hands down fit very well in burton bindings) on many decks. I thought that I might miss some response due to the slightly softer baseplate coming from a cartel. I don't. Works beautifully on a endeavor korean hammerhead. I tried the cartel and in the end I found it to be a more suitable "fit." The wingback also handily deflected a straightliners ski away from my leg when he hit me. I view that as fairydust.
  8. Don't make light of mouth guards. Concussions can and do happen through the jaw. Even if a concussion does not occur, broken molars are painful. Nothing beats getting a concussion because you landed hard on your rear end.
  9. Rideguy lives in Ontario and most of the kids that his son would race against in USASA also do the provincial races in Canada. USASA allows the opportunity to visit Holiday Valley for a weekend ;-), but arguably more opportunity is available by keeping it a hitch more local. Additionally, the provincial series offers some more freedom if he really gets bitten hard by the racing bug to start accumulating some points. Snowboarding is awesome. Racing is fun.
  10. Frank, dust off those spectacles. Grade 10.
  11. https://www.boltonvalley.com/things-to-do/events/blauvelt/ February 1st! And um, I have a string quartet.........
  12. And investigate your current biomechanics. You may not move the same in any aspect of your life as you did nine months ago. Assuming that running the exact same set up will yield the same exact results neglects to consider that the input may have changed.
  13. To be completely transparent: There is no Epic vs. Icon debate. Oddly enough, Hunter is in the target region for a day camp. My region does not fall under that umbrella. In the end, my question was answered. I completely respect the time spent travelling thing. I can pursue something local (western ny) to raise funds and awareness to support the organization, but I wouldn't be steering it towards a fast crowd. It is something that I want to plug into my region because I really respect the organization and its mission to activate, connect and empower the diabetes community. My region happens to be beautiful and full of pretty amazing people. This group happens to tweak the focus towards a more adolescent target and I think that that's much needed. I suggested an alpine race because the founder is a former racer turned backcountry pro. I learned about the organization via Mike Trapp and Mimi Wienke who were teammates of his when he was diagnosed. The snow community is awesome.
  14. Honestly, in consideration of the 3 hour travel radius it isn't viable. Within the silver lining, we still see the organization pursuing an event for 2021 in the Catskills. In my twenties i would plan an event 6-10 hours from my home. But i want to keep local sponsors and raise awareness within my own region for multiple reasons. We may see something come together at a hill in the finger lakes or western ny. It will be open to everyone. https://www.ridingoninsulin.org/
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