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  1. And investigate your current biomechanics. You may not move the same in any aspect of your life as you did nine months ago. Assuming that running the exact same set up will yield the same exact results neglects to consider that the input may have changed.
  2. To be completely transparent: There is no Epic vs. Icon debate. Oddly enough, Hunter is in the target region for a day camp. My region does not fall under that umbrella. In the end, my question was answered. I completely respect the time spent travelling thing. I can pursue something local (western ny) to raise funds and awareness to support the organization, but I wouldn't be steering it towards a fast crowd. It is something that I want to plug into my region because I really respect the organization and its mission to activate, connect and empower the diabetes community. My region happens to be beautiful and full of pretty amazing people. This group happens to tweak the focus towards a more adolescent target and I think that that's much needed. I suggested an alpine race because the founder is a former racer turned backcountry pro. I learned about the organization via Mike Trapp and Mimi Wienke who were teammates of his when he was diagnosed. The snow community is awesome.
  3. Honestly, in consideration of the 3 hour travel radius it isn't viable. Within the silver lining, we still see the organization pursuing an event for 2021 in the Catskills. In my twenties i would plan an event 6-10 hours from my home. But i want to keep local sponsors and raise awareness within my own region for multiple reasons. We may see something come together at a hill in the finger lakes or western ny. It will be open to everyone. https://www.ridingoninsulin.org/
  4. Hey folks of the north east.... I had an event get shot down (plans a, b and perhaps c) and am toying with the idea of creating a fundraiser event for a non profit that I work with. In being a dork I would like to put together a old school gs race. Old school = course set for the terrain, fastest time wins. Classes dependent on registrants. How far would you drive for such an event? What is it worth to you? 13th place gets coffee.
  5. I may be burned for this but here goes. Take a step back. The true points made so far are take it easy, it's a journey, and figure out your stance first. Carpet board. If it hurts standing still while stable there's a good chance that it's going to hurt while in motion. Do you normally ride your soft set up with splay? How do you normally stand? Do you do squats and deadlifts? How are your feet angled then? In short, the question is how do you normally move through space? Anything that impedes flexion and extension, and especially range of motion in the hips is going to make riding more difficult. Use that with some influence from your softie set up (which may not be optimal) and carpet board. Once you can drop your hips straight down over the center of the board without needlessly contorting your body or hurting yourself you may have taken a step forward. If you can't move, boarding is a battle. And even with all of this, you have likely not arrived yet. Take it easy. Do the norm (mellow greens) and really focus on good clean mechanics. Folks get caught up in jumping to angulation and driving the knees without reminding themselves of riding stacked. Riding stacked isn't the be all end all, but it's a fundamental step. Do that for a fair bit while you get things dialed in. Then move on technique wise. And that renntiger that you are on is a wonderful demanding board. Take your time. In short, be patient. Dedicate an hour or 2 every time you go out to figuring things out. Then ride in softies if conditions have really deteriorated. A very focused hour of deliberate practise will pay off greater dividends than fighting to stay alive for 8 while beating yourself up. It isn't hopeless. You've taken the first step on an endless journey.
  6. Pat, you went and changed a knee and expected that nothing would change? Where in the turn are you skidding? As part of exploration take some steps back and review the norm on more moderate terrain. I know that this isn't where you are experiencing it, but take some cruising runs and observe the feedback that you are getting from the board. Investigate technique. I am not dismissing the set up aspect, but without having a fuller understanding of what you are experiencing that could be equivalent to slapping gauze on a bullet wound.
  7. Dead serious. After riding the slalom deck I set out to find a gs deck and Australia was the location where I found any (and as previously mentioned, europe). At this present time there are a few warehouse type online stores that sell m8trix/matrix boards in Australia, either under that name or a handful of others. The alpine decks were much harder to find. Easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. Emdee, I'm glad that you enjoyed your spin on it.
  8. Thank you for expanding on your thoughts. The statement is more so rooted in recognizing your experience. The insights that you offer pertaining to stance (from the toes right on up) and how the various interfaces work concurrently or create discord are invaluable. And you poked my inner ☠.
  9. That is one of many questions. I am unaccustomed to beckmann not writing very explicit things. And I hesitate to break down the set up without seeing all the pieces first. My initial thought is that the present set up has artificially pre rotated the hips towards the nose of the board thus reducing the input offered by the front foot on toeside turns. Arrrrgh! On a better day my inner pirate would have shown up instead.
  10. I am curious as to what Beckmann is thinking right now. Ahoy!! The one genuine observation that I have for the toe to heel transitions is that you up unweight whereas when you transition from heel to toe it's a bit of cross through at times. You get a little energy release off the tail and the board travels underneath your body a bit, thus allowing you to change edges faster. This isn't consistent throughout your run. What is the feedback that you are getting from your feet. Does the pressure remain consistent, or does it shift around. More front heel pressure on heelside turns and more rear ball of foot pressure on toeside? Your front leg may be pretty static. Are your turns actually equal? How much of a ramp angle do your boots actually have? If you aren't stable in the flats then something is amiss. There's a lot that cannot be seen in the video. Get some other angles. If your goal is to tip and rip then you are well on your way. Gotta love activities that offer a lifetime of learning. Keep it up!
  11. alpinegirl

    Return of Bruce

    From the Coiler site. Perhaps after a million years, and maybe after that one time that he actually singed those mitts on the wood stove at holiday valley.... he retired them. Wow. Nah. That will never happen. The man deserves his legend status. Even more than admiring his riding, I was always blown away by how honest and humble he was. All the while tearing it up. Constantly looking to improve his boards.
  12. alpinegirl

    Return of Bruce

    How can I be assured that that truly is Bruce? The rider in the video is wearing gloves!
  13. Bump.... somebody has ADHD
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