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MADD-ening Graphics 06/07 - VOTE!!


My opinion of these graphics is:  

87 members have voted

  1. 1. My opinion of these graphics is:

    • Thumbs UP to the traditional MADD kid
    • The Angel/Jesus graphics are way cool - Thumbs UP
    • I think both graphics are great, freedom of choice to the people
    • I hate them both, start over MADD

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The guys at MADD boards need some input/guidance on your opinion of their 06/07 graphics. Stay traditional or let Jesus ride? VOTE HERE and give them any comments.

NOTE: The graphics on the Angel/Jesus board will be 70% opaque, so you will be able to see the wood grain through the graphic.



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Guest Randy S.

They should let the Bomber community submit design ideas and then have us all vote. The winner gets a free board.

IMO, both of the above designs suck. Are they going to mess up the graphics again this year? :flamethro

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My vote is for traditional, or plain. The sadboy look has been firmly associated with Madd, especially with this last run of boards. My opinion is that it would be best to hold on that look, perhaps with different color shades like between the classic Madds and the latest run. Otherwise, a plain topsheet would at least keep anyone from complaining about how the graphics look.

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Actually, the "golden boy" on the left with the lime green sidewalls is quite fetching in person. It was on last season's 180 (I have one - sick, sick board), and it really looks sharp. The gold tone almost glows and the lime sidewalls really pop. You wouldn't think those colors would go together, but somehow it works. Put some Ti-TD2s on that sucker and you've got serious bling factor.

Although it would be cool to have a plain option - swt was selling a Madd this spring with a snazzy red topsheet with a simple oval Madd logo.

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I'll have to agree with Jack, the only one I like is the color on the 180. I love that you can see wood core. But if I had the choice I'd rather have a plain top sheet with the MADD logo and flower. If I would have known that we could change our top sheets like Brian from Oldsnowboards Madd I really like the red top sheet. The new 05/06 is terrible. I really liked the red and white camo they had on the demo fleets back in 04 at the ECES. Madd Mike should have folks submit design's.

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Id be far less concerned about the graphics and far more concerned about build quality, including "the small stuff"

with the flaws that were present in almost all the boards, and the insinuation that being turned off by those flaws makes one somehow uptight (yes, propmt refunds were offered) graphics are quite a few steps down on the ladder of importance.

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Allow the buyer to submit their own designs. It could be free with the $800 board and an extra cost with the others.

If I'm snowboarding and having the time of my life the last thing I want to look at is a sad kid or an angel sighing.

Plain and simple like the logo/flower, plain colors, or buyer submitted designs.

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Guest Tombo28

That's funny, just the other day I was doing a little "Windows shopping" and contemplating my next board purchase. I was checking out the Madd site and thinking it was unfortunate that such a well-reviewed board had to have such ugly graphics. Sure, performance matters most and graphics least but if I'm torn between two boards, I'm gonna take the one with the plain top sheet any day. I think Donek really gets it right in this regard.

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I love my sad madd boy :1luvu: Every time I look down at him, I feel like he's egging me on with those sad eyes, by saying "You've got more in you girl, I just know it". Plus, I must add that my experience with every madd board I've ridden, has been truly positive :o.

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