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FlexSeal on Bomber Toe Bails?


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What do you use to keep Bomber bails from tearing your gloves to pieces? In the past, I've used electrical tape. It works, but it's unsightly, and needs to be re-applied once or twice a year.

After just wrapping a new pair of bails, I got to thinking, there must be a better way. Maybe several layers of flex seal? Would that even stick to aluminum? It's like $15 a can, but if it doesn't work a guy could always finish making that screen door into a boat. 



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6 minutes ago, inkaholic said:

It is the adjustment screw (part N) in the toe clip which is tearing up your glove. Try several layers of flex seal on the area of the glove that gets torn up. 


Nah, it's definitely the clip(s). All the edges of the aluminum are just sharp-sharp, but the corners are the worst.

And I love my (Hestra, lobster claws) gloves. I'd much rather fix the problem



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I also have some jagged edges on the leading edges of my toe clips, but it's never been an issue with glove abrasion that I've noticed. Are we all on the same page that those jagged edges are a result of abrasion against the snow? That's pretty wild if you think about it, no? 

At any rate, if the snow can abrade aluminum (?!), I think that FlexSeal would also be a temporary fix at best. I think sanding / filing / grinding is the way to go, as others have suggested. 

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34 minutes ago, pmorita said:


Right?! Still need to convert two more TD3's, and this problem will be over. 

Yeah, these are out-of-the-box; No snow/board abrasion to speak of. I went through two pairs of leather Swany's in one season. Granted they're not the best gloves, but still.

Apparently this is a Me problem. Grinding sounds like it might be the best option.


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No, I have the same concern. I really like the gloves I'm using now (leather) and the index finger gets abraded by the toe lever. I use duct tape on the lever, or a pull tab made from a broken bomber leash. The latter is great as I have some hip pain from smashing it a while back. The extra inch or two it saves me is gold. I'm going to get some dyneema or similar cord to make a few of these pull tabs to keep in my bag. 

I like the dip idea and may do that too! And sno seal on gloves for preservation. All fine ideas!

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