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  1. I also have a K168 and it is the real deal. I love it. dave
  2. Thanks - I figured that the radius was in the 10-11 range and I'm looking for something a bit longer. I'll bet this one is fun though. dave
  3. I apologize if I missed this....but what it the sidecut radius on this board? dave
  4. I would try moving the anchor of the cable down a notch on the shell so that you are using the first or second slot on the end of the ladder instead of the 5th or 6th. dave
  5. The Peacock app has all the racing available. dave
  6. I'll take a different tack on this one....I think it's entirely possible that your quads are plenty strong but that you are holding your breath while you ride. It's amazing how many people do this while concentrating on form or technique or terrain. Try riding while breathing rhythmically....breathe in on a toe turn and out on a heel turn.....or find your own tempo. I'll bet that if you consciously breathe and those big hard worked muscles get ample oxygen that you'll feel much stronger for much longer. I hope that helps. dave
  7. My home mountain is Bridger Bowl in Montana. Bridger is not sure exactly what the operating plan will be for the season at this point and they say that if you buy a pass and don't like the plan when announced that you can get a refund up until late November. That seems more than fair so I committed to a pass. I expect that most areas will be operating at a different level this season....or until a vaccine is introduced. I wouldn't count on food service, group lessons, pubs/bars....etc. I imagine that many will set limits on the overall number of people on the hill at any given time. I wou
  8. This photo shows porn from this past season and well as the season before. I typically leave my gear up at the hill in my locker and never think to take a photo but the shut down this year has all the gear home for a change. From left to right - - Custom Kessler 168 Slalom delivered late 2018. The sidecut radius is a bit longer than normal with an average of 12.5m and it's stiffer than stock. This thing is so damn versatile. It will happily carve super tight turns on very steep slopes of you can let it run and make GS turns and it just holds on. Lots of fun on the weekend when I hav
  9. Very cool. I use mine the same way. I also have a 200 and it's a ball on super deep days and it's shockingly good at railing a groomer. Have fun with your new ride....and thanks for the kind words about me work! dave
  10. These things are flat-out awesome. I've ridden a Tanker 187 as my everyday board for many years and they float awesome and carve better than they have a right to. Mine has held up to plate binding use without issue. Whoever gets this will be smiling. dave
  11. I have one located - so I'm all set. Thanks. dave
  12. I'm looking for a BTS kit with soft springs to fit a Raichle/Deeluxe boot. Anyone out there have some gathering dust? dave
  13. Are you sure that there are inserts under there? It's hard to picture them being put in but then running the top sheet over them. I'd leave them out if I would building the board. dave
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