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Shred Gruumer

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9 minutes ago, lonbordin said:

No.. As that method is tough because you don't know if in  stock.. Especially the 178.. Almost all on that and Rakuten stated pre order... 

Also most won't ship either.. I gave up on that method.. 

I used a third party service.. Pretty slick too.. It's a process but pretty good results for my first purchase.. 

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5 minutes ago, dredman said:

I am definitely going to do some burn-outs!  That thing looks like it will roll coal!

Dude... It's from Japan... It's a drift car... Your mixing the metaphors!

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Shred's biggest fear is it actually is a drifter...
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Ever since I started that thread last year about Gray snowboards, I've really wanted one.  I love that shape!  So, I'd most likely spring for a shorter Type R Ti of some sort if the "process" you mentioned is pretty straight forward.  Very interested in hearing your honest opinion on how she rides/turns.  


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3 hours ago, scottishsurfer said:

so you didnt like it then shred?

Like it.. But no room on my local hills.. Over kill... Not overly stiff.. Rides long with plates... Rides better with softies... Which I'm still not that great at... Needs a younger rider... But fun as hell out here in Montana.. 

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