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  1. It is killing me. The local bump has been getting snow regularly. What really hurts is the groomers are obviously up there practicing. I see fresh groom on the webcams... Whistler has shut down all their alpine webcams. I think someone doesn't want to be seen shredding. It is disturbing looking at some of the Whistler Village cams with no one there. I hope all the business' survive... Honestly I doubt we well get any more turns this season. But I am ever hopeful. Stay Healthy Gents.
  2. I watched that video and instantly added those parks to my "Bucket List". So many lines...
  3. Are the plates stable/stiff enough to handle the loads? It seems a great idea to get rid of the Stack Height associated with plates and bindings.
  4. Tell us about the bindings. They look to be plates with direct mounted toe/heel pieces...
  5. My local bump decided to shut it down for the year at 5 pm. We were on the hill when the email came through. My refund just came through fro may Whistler accoms that we had to cancel. Media created BS. Far more people are going to die today from hunger and malnutrition. This is just another Flu Virus...
  6. My daughter had a dance recital, no audience allowed (Thank You covid 19). So I spent a few hours carving on the concrete. Had never ridden this park (Cloverdale), so many new lines. No kick turns allowed all turns must be flowing carves to maintain speed. It is odd riding a park without graffiti, no reference points...
  7. What do you mean the world isn't flat??? LOL The front leg looks painfully out of alignment with the binding angle. The spray also has odd shadowing. Me thinks, Shopped (puts tinfoil hat back on...)
  8. Dat boy rips!!!! The heelside carve to nollie 540 right into a toe side trench!! We are not worthy...
  9. Those are tiny foils! So much speed!!! They look half the size of my Lift 170 and modded 200 I use for kite foiling.
  10. Rusty Edges

    Bend it....

    Corey's just pointing where he's gonna face plant. That spring is loaded!!! We're not worthy if he saved it...
  11. The park has the best groom later in the day. If you don;t mind the odd obstacle....
  12. Were they the brown pants??? LOL
  13. Saw some of the early videos out of Europe of Peter Bauer, Jean Nerva, and Serge Vitelli riding hard boots everywhere and laying out some amazing carves on the groomers. Tired of the BS judging at early freestyle events, it was a no brainer. I found a set of the Koflack Albona boots, sourced a set of crude plate bindings and mounted on a K2 Gyrator 166. The rest has been a 30+ year search for the perfect groom... Up until this last year I hadn't been in soft boots since 1988. The Pentaquark and the Endeavor Hammerhead changed that. Now my truck is loaded with boots and boards, both hard and soft, when I head up to the local bump. It's fun confusing the lifties with what board is he on this run? Trenches for All!
  14. ^^ Post of the Day^^ Fuhgettaboutit...
  15. Lifty looking puzzled at my vintage Hot Blast 172. "What do you call that?" "Fun" was all I could come up with...
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