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  1. Rusty Edges

    Injury sale

    Hope you are recovering well. Interested in the MK. Will send a PM
  2. Purist. It's all carving. As long is they leave a relatively fine line in the snow. I don't care if they're on a pair of skis, but then it better be two parallel lines. (Stem Christie turns need not apply)
  3. Now that's not fair. Look at them defacing that almost perfectly groomed slope. After no riding this sping, I'd settle for a chopped up, cowded mogul field... Only six months until the snow flies again. Not that I'm counting. I'm going to go put my boots on....
  4. Mtn biking is like the very early days of snowboarding, circa 1980. Hiking up the local hill around the ski area boundary.... You gotta earn your turns! (Excepting for those rare days when the injured buddy or loving wife offers to drive you to the shuttle point)
  5. Despite the pandemic. Most of us will look back and realize how much fun we had with our families. Social distancing is easy on a mtn bike. Just take it easy. My son and I put in 10 to 20 km every other evening in the local trails. His improvemnt in bike handling and reading the trails has been amazing...
  6. I would think the nature of the event would require a Turn Contest to require 2 trenches separated by the board width at transition to qualify as a completed turn. Corey, we all aspire to that level of carving in the video. You made it look effortless.
  7. Style is style. It is a personal thing. Some ride with amazing power, others with an effortless grace and smoothness (my favourite), and still others just look like they are beating the hell out of the run. It's all good, as long as it leaves a single fine line... I think the shorter stance allows for a more dynamic riding position. He seems to be able to handle chopped up runs far better. The board also appears to be stiffer than most, it doesn't seem to want to fold at high angles and speed. Which model BC Stream? The wider stance works on perfect groom, as shown in most vide
  8. His stance appears to be shorter than the norm for the style of riding.
  9. It is there to keep the board close to me when starting in big swell or choppy conditions. Once up and foiling I prefer to be able to shift my stance with the conditions. Normal riding has my front foot about 2" back of the foot hook. I think it would work well for a "No Board" application with a small tweak to accommodate the size of snowboard boots. I would probably block the hook up rather than reshape it. Although the plastic may not like sub-zero temps.
  10. Possibly a balance "twitch" caused by the lack of dynamic movement as a result of such a wide stance.
  11. It's killling me!!! Not only no mountains (they have more snow now than when they shut-down) but the local districts have shut down all the skateparks as well... My last carving outlet is kitefoiling. But the wind has not been cooperating as of late. I can only mountain bike with the kids so much.
  12. Agreed. The first girl appears very rigid on the board, not very dynamic in her turns. Is it possible the board is too stiff for the speed she is running? That tecnique may be fast throught the gates but is far from the smooth and graceful carve we are accustomed to seeing from the Japanese and Korean riders.
  13. Another loss to skateboarding. RIp In Peace Jeff
  14. It is killing me. The local bump has been getting snow regularly. What really hurts is the groomers are obviously up there practicing. I see fresh groom on the webcams... Whistler has shut down all their alpine webcams. I think someone doesn't want to be seen shredding. It is disturbing looking at some of the Whistler Village cams with no one there. I hope all the business' survive... Honestly I doubt we well get any more turns this season. But I am ever hopeful. Stay Healthy Gents.
  15. I watched that video and instantly added those parks to my "Bucket List". So many lines...
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