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  1. Big Boy Toy ready for a new home... Nose: 270 mm, Waist: 213 mm, Tail 267 mm. Efective edge: 1,565 mm. Side cut: est. 11.5 M. It was a custom core done for one of the Prior sponsored racers back in the early 2000's. I rounded the tail and added unidirectional Carbon Fibre and rubber laminate to the structure. The only topsheet that was big enough at the time was a Freeride, so that is what's on it. It's very light for its length. It was my daily driver for a few years. Takes a bit of weight and an aggressive style to make it work. Very damp and will hold an edge in concrete if needed but has enough nose to lift in the soft stuff... $200.00 plus shipping from Vancouver, BC
  2. "She Who Must be Obeyed" says I have too many Snow Toys. Time to get rid of a few boards. F2 Speedster 172 GS, multi-coloured base shows very little marking. stud broken in forward most insert. nose: 221 mm, waist: 180, tail: 219 mm $100.00 plus shipping Custom Prior 170 GS, single insert set. Marking on topsheet (epoxy filled) and base. single set of inserts, 18 1/2" center to center nose: 232 mm, waist: 188 mm, tail: 232 $75.00 plus shipping F2 Speedster 159 SL, limited use, ready for the next rider. nose: 248 mm, waist: 198 mm, tail: 247 mm $100.00 plus shipping All prices are OBO. Shipping from Vancouver, BC or local pick-up
  3. A collectors item. Apocalypse 173 GS. Asymetrical core, regular foot (left forward). Channelled bottom. Nose: 245 mm, Waist:192 mm, Tail: 240 mm Side Cut: est. 10m. Very narrow stance. single insert set, 17" center to center. Has been gathering dust in my shop for a few years. Great a smaller rider or clean it up and display. Yours for a donation to the site plus shipping from Vancouver, BC. Mods. Please move to Vintage For Sale.
  4. Stone him!!! (First dibs on his boards)
  5. I have a Prior 4WD 174 ... It just might! (Sorry, mine's not for sale) I do have a Prior custom 4WD 180cm with a little carbon added. PM for pics or details.
  6. That's what I figured but all the pics I've found show the brace over a bare leg. I'll take them. I'll contact you via PM
  7. I can't see how these are worn. Directly on your foot or outside the liner. Deeluxe' site is less than helpfull in their description.
  8. I helped out at Prior when his shop was in North Van. That looks like a few days work ahead of you. Any pics of finished product???
  9. I ride an old set of Suzukas with BTS. Blue springs on the bottom and yellow on top, with very little pre tension. This covers most of my carving set-ups but I do get a "reminder" every now and then when the toe side edge really loads up on a big board. Try the BTS and you'll never look back...
  10. Great information and interesting binding set-up. I have never had my highback levers release on my NXT-FSE's. Apparently I'm not getting low enough on my heelside carves... Are you running reinforced boots? Tongue inserts? What board(s) are they mounted on?
  11. First dibs when you get "board" of it... The posted sidecut numbers are a touch agressive. 18.2-17.2-19.2 is huge for a soft boot carver!
  12. I hope the young boy heals fast. I agree with the above. I would probably have lost my pass for "dealing" with the two boys. Membership has its privilage I would bet if the kids did not have the local race team jackets on the decision would have been quite different. There is no ambiguity or interpretation of the skiers code. The down-slope skier/snowboarder has right of way...
  13. Now that will carve up the sky!!!
  14. "Be vewy carefuwl... We're hunting softbootahs." (apologies to Elmer J) It is a slippery slope. One year your picking up a used Amplid and some 'Mutes to see what the fuss is all about. The next year there is a hammer head leaning on the wall next to it and your wondering which of the GS boards you can live without... Sure there is a loss of precision, but now you can carve the same runs and the hits and hips on the side of the run come into play. Consider yourself warned!
  15. That's Purty... (now I'll have that Rush song going through my head the rest of the day)
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