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  1. I had a pair. Great boots for their time. As I remember they were made by Dalbello.
  2. Even a light beating at The Wedge looks painfull... But it is still a spectacle.
  3. My kids two weeks ended today. Quebec and Ontario were in Whistler for their two weeks three weeks ago. I call Shenanigans on someones part...
  4. What a joke... W/B has been shut down by the gov't until April 19. They claim it is due to a high number of Covid cases. Funny how Spring Break ended yesterday. They wouldn't shut it down during Spring Break due to loss of dollar$. Is it just me or has Covid become more political and financial than medical???
  5. or the labotomy scar...
  6. I stick with the sideways stance, just change boards and surfaces. Wing foiling and kite foiling keep the soft water stoke and the flow... Early morning transition sessions at a few local skateparks keeps my balance and flexibiiity where it needs to be. Chasing my son and his buddies through the local mtn bike trails keeps the cardio at a reasonable level. Like alpine carving all these sports require focus and concentration. You just can't be thinking about anything else when linking wind-swells, riding a concrete wall or threading single track... We're all still 17
  7. The skiiers code of "downhill rider has right of way" has been lost for some time. I have been run-over from behind by more aged skiiers than young snowboarders. One thought that I should "go back to the park" as he skied away knees jammed together skidding every turn... Some people can't help themselves...
  8. I have a few other boards, bindings and boots available. PM me directly with you rough dimensions and foot size (Mondo)
  9. Damn Covid! My wife gave me a pass to go this year. Actually encouraged me to try to attend. (Wonder what her boyfriend's name is???) Hopefully next year. Have fun and stay safe.
  10. Thanks John. Great description and formation of skills. I'll try to remember this stuff when my daughter gets the "Need for Speed"
  11. Happy Holidays to all. Next year can only get better. "Trenches for All!" Cheers, Trev
  12. Nice turns! It's a shame to watch the soft booter scraping the slope behind you...
  13. Having owned 3 different sized Prior 4X4's, 169, 174, and 183(custom). I would not advise riding with soft boots and bindings. The boards are too stiff and too narrow for a soft boot set-up. Soft boot bindings would not alllow you enough lateral support to carve at the higher binding angles. Of course it could be done with significant mods to boots and/or bindings. But to what end???
  14. Dammit... I missed on these. (must check classifieds daily)
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