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Track 700 Black Season Update?


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I'm more afraid of "Buckle Out"  with the new Black model!    With the reversed toe buckle there's much more buckle hanging down right up there where  wear and tear happens on the boot when carving.... over two inches more metal closer to the ground than previous models.

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1 hour ago, Jack Michaud said:

UPZ and Mountain Slope have similar configurations, apparently with no issues.

The UPZ buckles definitely cause boot-out on my narrow Skwal USA board.  No concern on any thing with some angle < 85 degrees or so.  

So, Barry with a 24cm-wide board might be ok. ;)  :P 

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10 hours ago, Corey said:

So, Barry with a 24cm-wide board might be ok. ;)

The Coiler is a 23cm waist if you want to be specific....... and it seems to me it would matter,    no matter what width board... if your setting your boots with Fuego method...up to the edge.... and your carving is getting your board on edge enough the outside of your boot is being run through the groom! 

Here's my, new this season Track 700  boot showing toe buckle wear....... and  that wear ain't from kicking the park rat's in the Lift Line!

So if I'm getting this wear and tear on a closed side of a toe bail buckle................curious if a toe bail buckle that hangs lower and sticks out farther is going to effect carving and/or cause "Buckle" out  ???





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I have about 20 days on them. Deeluxe Thermoflex liners.  Horrible inexplicable shin splints after the first day.  So bad I could only ride soft boots(Burton Ions) for a few days.  Was ready to put them up for sale, but decided to give them another shot before I did.  Absolutely LOVE them now.  I ride mostly wider 22cm Doneks now at 60/56 degrees with Gecko's so boot, nor buckle, out not an issue.  The gold buckles are absolutely FABULOUS. :cool: 

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