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Originally posted by m.fi

Some small batch bourbon... lately it is the Woodford reserve.

I love the Woodford Reserve. Basil Haydens is also real nice. Yesterday when I started this thread I was sipping on a new OUTSTANDING discovery. 15 year old Old Rip VanWinkle. 107 proof and smooth. I think it is nicer than the Bookers.

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1. Pint Glass of half Jack, half Coke.

2. Pint Glass of any top shelf Vodka (except grey goose) boycotting it. And Red Bull, although the new Low-Carb Monster is very similar and you get twice as much for the same price.

3. Maudite- Beer with the Viking Ship on the front. about 9.5% alc.

Many others but those are the staples

I'll get you the recipe for Chocolate Cake shots.



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Guest gsmolik

Ale, and since I brew my own I prefer my Pale ale loaded

with lots of Columbus, Chinook & Centennial Hops!! or 90 Minute

IPA from Dogfishead brewery!:p

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I'm a fan of stout, although after a day of riding I often find myself with a few bottles of the Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter. I'm also a fan of all of the Unibroue brews (Raftman, Maudite, La Fin Du Monde, Eau Benite, etc). When I can get my hands on it, I also drink BHBC's Cadillac Mountain Stout.

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