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UPDATED/Price drop G-Sale: Ride Insano size 9 & F2 CarveRS


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Price drops!  


F2 Carve RS standard bail bindings - SOLD

  • Includes cants and mounting screws, but no lifts. 
  • I lost one set of the dampening pads, but YYZ Canuck advises the pads are optional and/or you can buy a set there.
  • For those worried about bail entropy, atrophy, or just plain breaking, I barely used these.  They were spares, and I love intec.



Ride Insano boots – size 9 - $150USD plus shipping

  • I wanted to love these boots.  I bought them spring 2023.
  • They have a low profile, short sole length, stiff tongue, intuition liner, cool colour, and double boas! 
  • The colour is called ‘Currant’, like Ribena. 
  • Unfortunately the double boas and I just don’t get along.  I can’t get these great boots to fit my dainty ankles. 
  • They have a small amount of wear on the tongues where I used a tongue insert to take up volume.  I do not see how that’ll impact usage, but there you go.
  • The liners have not been molded. 
  • There are some scuffs on the boots from binding straps, but the soles reveal these have had very little use. 
  • I’m back to the Deeluxe Edge, and the Insanos are for sale. 







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1 hour ago, crackaddict said:

When you figure out that cross border shipping costs more than the risers do, I'll take them...  Second in line.

Thanks for your consideration.  My goal was to get rid of them...and they're gone.  

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  • DMKW changed the title to UPDATED/Price drop G-Sale: Ride Insano size 9 & F2 CarveRS
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