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  1. Two standard back bails (53mm) basically new. $75 plus shipping. Swapped out standard back bails (53mm) for low (50mm) bails.
  2. You can buy a new one for about $570 USD. Use code TREELINE for 20% off ($759 CAD). https://www.priorsnow.com/collections/4wd-snowboards/Mens
  3. Contact Dan Yoja at UPZ Boots. He'll have all the info you need. yoja@upzboots.com https://upzboots.com/shop/sg-performance-race-bail/
  4. Got a pair last week. My UPZ boots are Mondo 28.5 and they easily fit. Plenty of room on platforms to go way bigger than 28.5
  5. Definitely WCR. FLC wasn't available when they were using that logo. Also pre-metal board.
  6. Ride Trident Boots Size 11. Almost new, 3 days on them. Bought them online but just too big. Had to go down 1/2 size. Triple Boa, Intuition wrap liner, top of line. Located at Mammoth. $250
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