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180 Kessler, custom World Cup build - SOLD


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This is formerly Caroline Calve's board made for her by Kessler just before she retired in 2015. Mark Fawcett and I rode it to test plates in 2016. Since then, it's been sitting in a closet. Tried to flog this on some racing groups but it's all about All-flex there.

  • Inserts for ASIP/UPM and 4x4
  • 19.5cm waist
  • Mint shape with World Cup tune and structure

Caro weighed 74 kg (163 lb) when competing but she's a World Cup athlete so judge accordingly.

I personally found this very easy to ride (and I ride like a 10 year old girl). I also witnessed Fawcett charging hard on it. Bottom line is it's a very versatile board without the intimidation factor of a 185. 





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Buy with supreme confidence from @skategoat. I've bought from him many times. His gear is literally second to none. Only the best.

He isn't frequent on the forum, so maybe be a little patient if he doesn't reply. Maybe send him a PM so it'll alert him by email. 

Pretty sure this board is still available.

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