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Jack M

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<b>The ECES is back!!</b> Get ready! Get psyched!

<b>Dates:</b> March 5-12, 2006

<b>Place:</b> Sugarloaf/USA

<b>Sponsors:</b> Bomber, Catek, Donek, Bob Jenney Designs, Madd, Summit Ski & Snowboard shop/Precision Tuning Center (PTC), and many more to come!

<b>Website:</b> www.eces.us

<b>Organizers:</b> Jack Michaud, Todd Brown (~tb)

We'll pick right up from where we left off in 2004 and kick it up a notch! Don't miss this opportunity to ride and party with dozens of your carving brothers and sisters, schmooze with industry folks, and win fabulous prizes like custom snowboards, bullet-proof bindings, and much more! Hope to see you there!

<a href="http://www.sugarloaf.com/images/cams/wallpaper/medium/1098372394night.jpg" target="top" border=0><img src="http://www.sugarloaf.com/images/cams/wallpaper/medium/1098372394night.jpg" width="400"></a>

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Guest sierra

I'm new to plates so this is great news. I'll be there, hoping to meet some of "the masters" and sponge up as much info as I can. You couldn't ask for a better venue. In my humble opinion Sugarloaf is the best of the East. Cheers!

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Though I'll be starting a new job this fall, my fingers are crossed that my employer will be good to me and let me take some time off to go to ECES and/or SES 06. I know Scott's really looking forward to going as well!

Thanks for coordinating this!


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I hope to be there as well. I miss that place!

I just found out Okemo last day is April 10th. Oh well, my season is finish! It is a shame, they have about 83 percent open too. I was hoping for one more week. I guess Okemo aim for 150 days of skiing and that it! Boo HOO!

Hey Jack, when does Sugar Loaf ends it season? I don't recall how long Sugar Loaf stays open till? Did the Mt ever stay open till the first week of May? Just wondering.

For those who are still riding, ENJOYED!!!!


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It's in northern Maine I think? Close to Quebec City... interesting :)

is the "loaf" on top of the mountain genuine alpine... above the tree level? In the summer it's just a field of grass and brush? They groom trails through it, but do they leave a "bowl" for powder/moguls? how much vertical does the alpine have?

I've never been above alpine on a ski resort; some non-ski resort mountaintops in Charlevoix (Quebec) are in the alpine... but probably just because of high wind, I'd guess their only 3000ft above sea level at summit.

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Originally posted by mirror70

April 24th is the tentative official closing date.

Thank you for the info Mirror!. I was asking because I thought I was going to Winslow, Maine on April 20th. I was hoping to teach a group of clients some 3d animation. I was told they are coming to NYC instead! Boo HOO!

I would of like to squeeze in a 2 day trip at the loaf after the teaching assignment! Oh well!:mad:

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