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  1. Not really I don't race nor can I afford the unobtanium that seem to be under most racers. If snowboarding were closer to motorcycle racing where we the rider could more easily ride on Monday the bikes raced on Sunday I might be interested.
  2. I have been riding the icecoast on a fixxed 11.5scr for a number of years with good results. IMO the Axxes is a better choice than a FreeCarve. It will deal with the crud a bit better and still be capable on boiler plate
  3. Gecko


    that was funny I joined the Silverfish Team....working on a Trucker Stache
  4. this is funny I DH skateboard with a bunch of guys who don't/won't comprehend the difference between a Never Summer Heritage and a Donek Sasquatch I try to explain things like side cut and it goes over their heads. And these aren't your normal kickflippers these are guys who understand not just the diference between freeride, Tech DH and 60mph highway runs but that different boards are required for each. The snowboard industry did a very good job of convincing everyone to use a plug and play system to choosing gear
  5. you had to go there didn't you? OK I gotta know how does the Boo change the profile of a core?
  6. Nice track..looks like a good way the stay in shape
  7. he never stands up? looks like he's squatting over a Japanese toilet
  8. yeah I saw the pic's Keala's face last week....I don't understand how she wasn't unconscious I certainly would want to be
  9. When I was on the Ship we used to punish the Airmen by making them scan the slide archives with a Nikon slide scanner that had an autofeeder. Its mind numbing work but not particularly hard once you get everything set up it just eats time. In the grand scheme of things paying someone else to do it all is usually much more economical
  10. Gecko

    Hurricane Irene

    the thing I find interesting is that the shape, size and make up of this Storm is more in keeping with a Pacific ocean Typhoon than an Atlantic ocean Hurricane. They say its because the Gulf Stream current is so warm this year but what ever the reason I am having Flashbacks to my time on Guam watching storms come flying down Typhoon alley
  11. as I understand it it's outside Madrid, I have a friend with a curry restaurant there who has skated there and with a few of those ladies
  12. yeah I watch that a few times a month for added stoke
  13. Gecko

    More Danny

    its official Killian is part of the Bones Brigade
  14. I keep staring at that BX board
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