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  1. Last call! Have two issues, in plastic, of issue #1. They need a home.
  2. I actually thought that might "de-value" the magazine Ace, you skinny board making machine. Keep on trucking!
  3. 1XSCULLER: they really are a beautiful magazine that still holds up 10 year later. Enjoy! bOardski: responded
  4. Do you want me to wait until you can confirm what you have? I'll hold until I hear from you. Wow, have my curiosity up on the couple I apparently used to roommate with? If you bump into that, send over. Small world. Fin
  5. brice540iit: A is on hold right now for pending sale. Will let you know if that changes.
  6. teach: B or C available. Just PM me with shipping address (full) and I can get you quote to ship. JBS: A available. Just PM me with shipping address (full) and I can get you quote to ship.
  7. Sounds good Bricky, PM me your full address and I can tell you the ship cost.
  8. "Carving" magazine was an incredible product from our good friend Alex from Greece. These should have been hardbound. Yea, they are now 10 years old but the pictures and stories are still incredible. It was a shame it only made it to two issues, but now you can own them. In the plastic, I have: (4) (2)of Issue #1 (on left) (2) of Issue #2 (on right) ***All Gone $30 each, you pay shipping (UPS ground), Paypal.
  9. Last of a legend. Not high tech, but will let you try the sport. $40, you pay shipping (UPS ground), PayPal
  10. A classic boot that started it all! Nothing fancy here, just a good 4 buckle boot with regular liners in good shape. Great way to try the sport. $50, you pay shipping (UPS ground), Paypal.
  11. SOLD Raichle SB322 boots in M27.5. A neat boot at the time as it is a full size men's boot but with a single buckle cuff. Makes for a more flexible boot. Comes with all the goodies: - Fin-Tec Step-in heels - BTS with yellow springs - ThermoFlex Moldable liners - Booster Strap $100, you pay shipping (UPS ground), PayPal. Let me know.
  12. All SOLD! Thanks everyone for your interest! Hello all, just doing some cleaning of our shop and these guys need a home. If you look at the pictures below, you will see each has a letter. Below is the description of each. All come with mounting hardware, instructions, and the first 3 sold get a free Bomber T-Handle 5mm wrench! But wait, there is more. Everyone also gets a free Bomber key chain! Rare and effective. The last three where a special batch we made for a promotion. The top of the plate is made with red Kevlar. More for looks but the Kevlar does have some badass durab
  13. Had me glued to the screen last night! An amazing feat for sure. And coached by local race legend Justin Reteir. I would love to be a fly on the wall with the ski racers and their coaches in that super-G as they try to figure out who the hell is Ester Ledecka? And how did a snowboarder beat the best of the best in the ski world! Amazing.
  14. You da man jp1! Hope all is well in Jersey Town.
  15. carver

    Fin: Whats up?  Just found out about this? Still don't know the whole deal? Don't know about Aspen this year? At 75, I see how the first day goes and plan from there. All the best   Tim

    1. fin


      Tim! Good to hear from you. Been a while.

      Yep, a shit-show for sure. Dealing with it everyday. Bottom line is trying to find a new home/owner for Bomber. If you think of someone, please point them out for me.

      Hope all is well with you.

      Cheers, Fin

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