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  1. fin

    Ester Ledecka

    Had me glued to the screen last night! An amazing feat for sure. And coached by local race legend Justin Reteir. I would love to be a fly on the wall with the ski racers and their coaches in that super-G as they try to figure out who the hell is Ester Ledecka? And how did a snowboarder beat the best of the best in the ski world! Amazing.
  2. You da man jp1! Hope all is well in Jersey Town.
  3. carver

    Fin: Whats up?  Just found out about this? Still don't know the whole deal? Don't know about Aspen this year? At 75, I see how the first day goes and plan from there. All the best   Tim

    1. fin


      Tim! Good to hear from you. Been a while.

      Yep, a shit-show for sure. Dealing with it everyday. Bottom line is trying to find a new home/owner for Bomber. If you think of someone, please point them out for me.

      Hope all is well with you.

      Cheers, Fin

  4. Well that was interesting. Full story and explanation to come soon. But I have spent a huge portion of time to get this forum back up and running and damage to our community to a minimum. Hold tight, I'll be back.....
  5. This was announced at SES back in February, but I feel it needs to be said here: I am not doing it justice when I say Michelle is Bomber Industries. She has been an integral part of this company and easily the backbone that kept it running smoothly. Her 20+ years with Bomber has been an incredible journey where she made hundreds of friends and helped probably thousands of people get into hardboot snowboarding. I figure between her and I we have done over 200 on-snow demo days and turned tens of thousands of screws to get people out on hardboot gear. If you called or e-mailed us with questions, you most likely talked to Michelle who was always willing to chat about hardboot gear with you until your questions where answered. Michelle was always the main force with the Summit Expression Session, with this year being the 15th annual one in Aspen. Sure, I would show up, grab the mic, tell some terrible jokes, but Michelle was the machine in the background making sure everything was set-up and done right. I know for a fact she would spend about two full weeks planning and organizing the Sessions. So if you had ever been to one and considered it a great time, you have Michelle to thank for that. Michelle will be moving on this month to her own ventures down in southern Colorado. Here last day is next Wednesday the 15th. Everyone here at Bomber wishes her the best of luck and success. And please be patient with us as we try to fill her VERY hard to fill shoes. Please, by all means, use this thread to wish Michelle the best as well.
  6. Thanks Dave for stating what I tried in WAY too long a post: "forum-host/customer service perspective, not to open a debate about which is better" The point well put. We already invite all forms of foot wear, we are seeing an increase in soft boots joining in, should we start a sub-forum for this? Or is what we have good enough for now? No need to take this personally.
  7. Umm, it has come to my attentions that the intent of this poll and discussion may be misunderstood. And this may be a function of the title of the thread which is my mistake. What is proposed is a "sub-forum" for softboot carving. NOT a totally new website and/or forum for this. It seems some think the question is "should we get these guys out of here?". Quite the opposite, we want to make BOL more welcome for our softboot friends. More welcome than they already are if that is possible. It would basically be a forum located right here in the main area under "General Forums". I have changed the title to help those confused to see this. What is not seen is the large amount of e-mails I get from softbooters asking if we can make an area for them. A sub-forum where they can talk about the technical aspects of carving and performance riding with softboot gear. It is a legitimate request and they have all been very nice and patient when asking for this. We often do this, look at changing the forum to what is requested. For example. as per a conversation with a few "down under" members we just added "Australia/New Zealand" to the ride board last week. There was enough interest, so we did it. It was not to kick them out of any other forum, but rather give them their own area. I have to also agree with others here who have said they don't see any strong negative reaction to softbooters being here. Heck, a large portion of our customers and members here I know do both hard and soft. I have actually gotten some very nice e-mails from softbooters who came in and joined and all they could rave about was how welcome they felt and how glad they are they found a forum that is NOT for the average 18 kid. So if anyone thinks they are being picked on or singled out, that is a personal problem and we can't help you with that. So if your reaction is to write a garndiose announcement of your departure, then we cannot stop you. But I believe the members of this forum would rather see a well written response discussing why you feel this way and maybe a solution you have thought of to address this. Be involved in the discussion. Stomping out the room and slamming the door has never helped any situation in my opinion. And I certainly do not want to bring back the famous "Exit Forums" So please vote on this and remember one thing: this is snowboarding, not a political cause, not a sexual orientation cause, and not a them vs us cause. It is just snowboarding.
  8. fin

    Thanks Fin

    Back at you Mase!
  9. For the record, the poll at the time of this restart of the conversation was: Yes = 77 votes = 43% No = 51 votes = 28.5% Either way is good by me = 51 votes = 28.5%
  10. Well, it has been 5 years since we looked into this so I would like to start this conversation again. And I do apologizes, we did not start a new forum for softboot carving for a reason at the time......laziness. Honestly, this just fell into the cracks and I never followed through on acting on it. And as I read this post again I feel bad I did not do something here. But it has been 5 years and I want to see if anything has changed in the opinions on this? As always, we are seeing a good amount of softboot interest here. We also now sell the "Power Plate" for softboot carvers. Please vote in the poll and make comments here. Maybe it is time for this?
  11. Almost there! Just passed $3000 and on the way to the $4000 goal! Step-up and help.
  12. Nils, Good to hear from you and that you are entering the wacky world of split. I have been doing it for over 10 years now but for some reason been doing it quite a bit this year. Great way to escape the crowds, get one hell of a work out, and make some great turns. One of the reasons I really got into this year was I finally found the perfect boot (in my opinion). Listen Nils, you do NOT have to go softboot. Actually we are seeing quite a lot of growth in split to using a hardshell. However, the difference is we use a "mountaineering" boot. These boots are amazing in that they are crazy light, vibram sole, and the biggest is they tour fantastic. This is for two reasons: the cuff can be dis-abled and allow your ankle to roll back during the stride. And second, you use a Dyna-Fit toe piece for going up hill which is smooth as butter and easy to use. Here is my set-up: I use the Spark R&D plate bindings. Disclosure here: they use our bail assemblies. Super light weight and strong. You can also see the Dyna-Fit toe pieces for going up hill. I use a special Prior ATV split that we had him make a batch of a few years ago. Made for using hardshell boots and done in a split. These are the boots I use and would recommend. They are the Dyna-Fit TLT Mountain series. These are the TLT 5 but they now have the TLT 6 out. Dn;t be tempted to get the carbon version for the weight. I hear they are too stiff for boarding. But I have not confirmed that. There is one modification I would go ahead and say you MUST make to these boots to work. If you look at the last picture you can see where I have milled out the aluminum "lug" to allow the boot to flex forward quite a bit. If you do not do this the boots are very stiff and IMHO hard to use as a snowboard boot. I tried one day with them stock and is was miserable. Made the mod, heaven to use. Of course the other issue is all this gear is NOT inexpensive. The AT stuff is getting a premium price right now. hey, this is snowboarding and hardbooting. I am moving to main forum because I can!
  13. A local guy here named Ryan just posted a fantastic review of our PowerPlate system. He is not a member here (yet) but wanted to link to his review:
  14. OK, here is what I wanna see: Get a gang together who could be considered "Madd Aficionados" in that they either own one or have significant days on one. Jack, I know you have my 158, you bastard. Ride both Madd Killer and original Madd back to back, all day, same resort, same riders, one day. Then post the conclusions. Heck, how about a "blind test"? Put some shelf paper on each and see if you can tell.Of course no looking down for the all to famous brass "releasable" inserts Do it!
  15. I know that Dave put something up before but I am going to give this a big push as we believe it deserves it. Billy Winters is a Steamboat, CO trained racer who qualified for the Junior Worlds in China next month to represent the US. If you have been to a SES in the past few years you have undoubtedly seen Billy carve it up with the best of us. The kid is more than just talented, he is driven. I should also mention, for full disclosure, that Billy is also a sponsored rider of both Bomber (bindings) and Donek (snowboards). I personally love the fact that Billy has shown quite a few racers that you can win national races on US domestic gear. Too many NA racers have convinced themselves it has to be from "over there" to win on. Billy has shown them all, that is not the case. Rock on Billy. Billy's dad, Dave, has been his biggest advocate and not only supports him but is his coach. And Dave is VERY active in the carve community and always steps up at the SES with some amazing prizes from his wood shop. This is a huge achievement and unfortunately a huge cost as well for Billy and his parents. So I think we, the carving community, need to step-up and make this happen for Billy and his family. There is a "crowd funding page" for Billy and his cause here: https://ussa.rallyme.com/rallies/1456/billys-fund Right now they are halfway there but still not 100%. So go to the link, open your virtual wallet and let's get this guy to Worlds so he can show them what we got here in the USA. As a side, here is the website where they will be posting the schedule and the results. Also worth mentioning is Billy qualified for BX. Double trouble coming from Uncle Sam baby! http://data.fis-ski.com/dynamic/event-details.html?event_id=36249&cal_suchsector=SB
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