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Wiki/FAQ?: Side/Base Angle


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There are "gold" in them hill in the context there are tons of wisdom/great information in the threads.  Just thinking out loud what's the best way to present/share them?

I was deciding on angle to set for my Donek. It have factory 0/0 and been riding it like that for 2 seasons lol...
Finally took it for a tune.  Decided on 1/1 as I am a Montucky wanna be.  Lazy and easy of maintenance.

Here are what I came across:  Maybe it will help someone else as clueless as me lol...

Forum Vote/thread/notes:


The following are excerpt from http://www.alpinecarving.com/tuning.html: *

"Many people ride with a 1-2º side edge bevel and a 1º base edge bevel, and that's how most boards are shipped from the factory.

Here are some examples:

Coiler boards come with a 1º side edge bevel and a 0º base edge bevel.
Donek Alpine boards come with a 0 º side edge bevel and a 0 º base edge bevel. This is the best option, since you can decide exactly how much metal to remove.
Donek Softboot boards come with 2 º side edge bevel and a 1 º base edge bevel. Scottishsurfer's Incline
F2 boards come with a 1º side edge bevel and a 1º base edge bevel, with a small amount of detuning around the nose.
Kessler boards(custom not stock) come with a 3º side edge bevel and a 0.5º base edge bevel,
Oxess boards come with a 1º side edge bevel and a 0º base edge bevel. "Marcel recommends tuning to 88/0.5." 2º side edge bevel and a 0.5º base edge bevel
Oxygen boards come with a 2º side edge bevel and a 1º base edge bevel.
Thirst snowboard come with a 1º side edge bevel and a 0.7º base edge bevel. "Unedited:  .7*  on the base edge and 89* on the sidewall edge."
Virus boards often come with a 3º side edge bevel.

A lot of tune shops on the East coast use a 3º side edge bevel, in order to handle the blueplate.
If you are clueless, go with 2º side and 1º base."

North East Tuning Shop:
NH:  Rodgers Ski Shop in Lincoln, NH.  Ask for Josh
Maine:  Happy Tunes.  I paid $50 for setting the edges, ptex works and hot wax.

* Edited based on MFG feedback and ordering of board maker based on alphabet.




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53 minutes ago, BLOODTYPEZX10R said:


.7*  on the base edge and 89* on the sidewall edge.

Thank you Mark!  Updated/Edited.  Man i gotta go donate money to the wikipedia folks... keeping content update is lots of work.

1 hour ago, dredman said:

Exactly the mindset!

Don’t forget to wax, once a season for good measure.

LOL...  I had to be shame into wax my board...  I don't deserve nice things. 😅

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I want to say the bit of paper my donek incline came with said it had a 1 degree base and 2degree side wall so the soft boot boards might be a little different from the hard.

ill usually run stock and just sharpen as needed until i determine i need a base grind at which point ill switch to 0 on the base and either 2 or 3 on the sidewall


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Took delivery @ ATC 2017 of a Nirvana 174 Energy Torsion+ T.4 from Bruce Varsava @ Coiler.

Email from BV at the time records the board being delivered with a flat i.e. 0 degrees base, and an 89 degree sidewall and that this was the standard pattern. 

Despite the flat base I had no problems with sideslipping, catching edges etc. As for the carving (excerpted from my ride report after 2 & 1/2 days)

"...The board carves deeper trenches than I've ever managed before. If my 
technique is good then it will do pretty much whatever I ask. Heresy I 
know, but I didn't scrape off the storage wax it came with. By the end 
of the its' first day at Buttermilk, the wax was gone from the whole 
length of the board for 2-3cm from the edge (i.e. right round the corner 
of the hybrid nose)."

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