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Where to buy UPZ boots?


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1 hour ago, jl1 said:

Does anyone know a good source for UPZ boots other than Dan Yoja?  He is out of my size.  Thanks

Do some googling... You'll most likely have to order from across the pond.

I asked Dan when they would get a restock some time ago... No response.

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I have purchased or inquired about quite a bit of snowboard and splitboard gear from Europe that I could not get in the US.

One important thing to note for those of us based in the US (probably Canada) is that if the European website does not know your country and the prices are not in US dollars, they almost always include a significant VAT (value added tax) that we do not have to pay. In simple terms, the price you will pay is typically significantly less than the currency conversion of the listed price would suggest because tax is included in European prices (about 25% tax?).

If the price is in dollars, the store's website probably knows you are in the US and has already removed the VAT.

Shipping is not that big of a deal and items usually come in around a week.

If a snowboard shipment is valued over $700, the US government will add a 2.5% excise tax that the shipper will collect from you at or after delivery. I am not sure about other snowboarding gear. I am not sure about Canada.



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Got a pair of these, New, in my exact size at a high school ski sale,  just tried them and like them plenty,  more heel/ankle hold than 325, I can wiggle my toes as there is more room in the front,  and that is fine, as there is absolutely no heel lift/movement.  I put my intuition liners in,  and need to make and mount a thin  inner base footing plate.  After a few days, these are now my go to boots , always.    They are stiffer than the 325 , but not too stiff,  just right. 


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On ‎3‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 10:20 AM, Kneel said:

I've received items faster from Ivan in Slovenia(no vat) than from Canada...fwiw


On ‎3‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 2:53 PM, guido591 said:

I buy everything from Ivan.  As noted above, even with expedited shipping from Ljubljana his prices are better than most vendors in North America.

You guys have a link to a website?  Who is Ivan?

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