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  1. I know there aren't many 22.5 mondo boot hardbooters out there but can anyone use these? Price drop to $100+shipping. I am also taking offers.
  2. SOLD Based on the interest in the Phantoms, I figure I'd offer these boots. I have a pair of never used, never molded 2018 Atomic Backlands Ultimate AT Boots, mondo / size 25. Includes brand new Palau liner, stock liner, and boot gaiters. Super light touring boot. Ideal for splitting. Just add a Link spring system from Phantom. No other mods necessary. Its the basis of Phantom's new split boot, "the Slipper" PM for photos.
  3. SOLD Phantom Splitboard Bindings for AT boots. Size small fits 23 - 26 mondo AT boots. $200 1 Phantom adjustable board cleats. $100 3 Phantom solo cleats Preset forward angles of 24,20,18,12. $50 for set of 2 2 Dynafit toe piece with splitboard adaptor $70 each 2 Phantom heel risers. Cut down for shorter boots. $40 each I would love to sell this to one buyer and will discount the total. In combination (depending on your angles) this gear will completely set up 2 split boards for touring and riding in AT boots. It's a cheap way into touring with AT boots. PM for pics.
  4. Excellent condition. Comes with two sets of shims but they are missing 2 stocks mounting screws. I have screws and lock washers for them, they just are not stock. PM for pics $140 shipped
  5. Buell


    He would have known Bomber, but not necessarily ASB. He is not really paying attention to the newest stuff. He is a Purecarve guy who left Aspen for Powder Mountain. I got him on a Coiler after he tried one of mine. He is also a surf legend who pioneered Blacks in San Diego and then moved to Hawaii in the '60s.
  6. Buell


    Have you never met Dickie? He is ageless and so smooth! I rode with him a lot when we were at PowMow.
  7. Beautiful shot! Sweet frontside cutback! Wait, or is it a backside turn?
  8. I should add that I don't really care what someone calls a turn on a snowboard. I use toeside/heelside, but it's not like frontside/backside is confusing. My only point is that they are not interchangeable with the surfing terms of frontside/backside. Yes slapo, it is a very cool pic!
  9. When snowboarding meets surfing (on the best bank / snow conditions I have ever found). To use surfing terminology, here are two frontside turns. One is a frontside bottom turn and the other is a frontside top turn. In snowboarding terms the first one is a toeside and the second on is a heelside. If the terms, frontside/backside from surfing were applied to this sequence the way they are being used to describe snowboard turns of heelside/toeside then these two turns would be called frontside and backside which is incorrect from a surfing perspective. Terminology aside, I consider thi
  10. In surfing, the rider is going down the line (not down the fall line) and is either frontside or backside. While going frontside or backside the surfer will make turns that are essentially what a snowboarder might call toeside and heelside. Surfers call them top turns and bottom turns and since the turns are happening at the top and bottom of the wave, those terms work well for surfing. Frontside/backside are not descriptions of a specific turn on a wave, they are descriptions of which way a surfer is going on a wave related to which foot they have forward. Typically a snowboarder is
  11. I could immediately carve tighter and better in hardboots than softboots and my softboot carving improved once I had ridden hardboots a couple of times. It might have just been my focus on studying technique before I stepped on hardboots improved my carving overall. I started on hardboots trying to ride shoulders perpendicular to the board. That made an awkward softboot technique. Fortunately I quickly switched to shoulders perpendicular to my binding angles for both hard and softboots. Oh, the burning quads of those first few days!
  12. I have seen medium F2s listed as 21.5 - 27.5 and 24.5 to 27.5. Not sure which size range is most prevalent, but I think it is the 21.5-27.5. Medium F2s fit my wife's Deeluxe 22m and Head Stratos Pro 22.5 just fine.
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