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  1. From a concerned skier, possibly because I was "wrecking" her groomed slope. Is all that turning and deep grooves you are making necessary..?! I did not answer, kept quiet.
  2. Spoken for!! What would be the widest stance that can be used on this board? I am used to 20" to 20.5", but can ride less if needed. thanks r
  3. Or come to Loon Mt with the weekday riders. Wider trails. After MA vacation blackout. PM me if needed.
  4. What would be the widest stance that can be used on this board? I am used to 20" to 20.5", but can ride less if needed. thanks r
  5. Metal Coiler off and walking thru the RFID lift gate at Loon mt, My Rfid pass is in coat upper right hand pocket, And am carrying my board cradled /nested under my right arm, right next to my pass, I stand far enough away from gate and reader walls, and slowly swing my board thru the code reader area, and the gate opened, my info went up on the computer screen. So, the metal board acted as an antenna....?! The attendant saw this and was a bit confused.
  6. Hi Lurch, I can use these plates. Will pm you.
  7. JB Weld, Also JB Weld has Metal Epoxy in a 2 part system, it is a slightly larger quantity than the standard JB Weld little tubes. I have used Both the standard JB and the metal epoxy JB, both work well, but IMO, the Metal Weld epoxy JB does one step better, hint, work quickly. very quickly. JB weld metal epoxy =$13.00
  8. The leaves are starting to change their color.
  9. think it is a share vid time limit thing, try this, works for me, now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IzPmXtEZ7KolGnrUgSKM0YI6_74niz2y/view?ts=5c904010
  10. Snow conditions at Loon are an 11. Indy car style.
  11. Loon is good, good snow, good coverage, stayed late and was walking on the fresh groomed on the way out, should set up well overnight for nice carve for next day,, Friday. Friday , good carve snow, additional inch over the day. Stayed cool enough over the day to stay good snow. The snow rain line at 3pm i93 south bound was exit 30.
  12. At first signs of snow melt, am doing an explore of 400 acres for trials event, the 600 acres across the street has already been looked at and in the opinion of a few local Pro's has International potential. The 400 has not even been looked at , and the land owner said it has some good big out croppings of rock and stand alone rocks of good size. The topos of the 400 look to be very good/unique. Last October I saw some of this 400 from the property line, and it looked good, with some really nice rocks. Untouched old growth kind of forest that did not appear to be that much of a mess. When I say "International Trials Event" , that is all the Champs from around the world, are looking for the next big challenging rock formations, to push their skills to the next level, this place has these rocks, and the amount of them, to have a multi day event, with a field for parking. staging area, etc. So this could be something that may turn out to be a really big deal, if everything works out well. We are going to find out. Late March, early April, when ever the snow melts enough to see what is on the ground, southern exposure, etc , approx. exit 20, let me know. this link was Berwick maine rock and roll trials , NETA
  13. Am going to guess Loon got a little more snow and is usually a bit fluffier/lighter, because of the higher elevation. We got another inch over the course of the day. Am going to try for early tomorrow, and Friday, it may warm up Friday, but still should be good. Actually messaged him yesterday with a pic of the new to me 10 hours run time (mint julep) Beta EVO 300 Factory trials bike. Was riding it on the ice yesterday in 0 deg f. Wheelies. I do not have a typical plan, other than if the snow is good , I go.
  14. Exit 28, 5 to 6 inches of good cold snow fell last night, a wee bit heavier than the last time, but get it quick as it is slowly warming up. Should be good @ loon
  15. I have ridden this boards twin, the large amount of camber is not noticed, it rides like a regular cambered metal board.
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