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  1. The snow was good carve today.
  2. Curious= Today, Excited and confused, What do you call that? Me= It is an alpineboard. Curious= They should make those and sell them. Me= "They" do, this is a Donek made by Sean Martin in Colorado. He makes the boards, and sells the bindings and boots as well. Curious= No, I mean "They" should make these at a factory and sell them at stores. ??
  3. Just experienced this today, For my first day with a low hour, new to me 180 Proteus, 19 waist. 13 scr. I am 210 plus. My toe turns were fine, But I noticed some heel turns were not as tight as usual. So an increase in , go early, and quickly throw every thing you have at it, drop body early to ground(picks board up more), and stay in front of it, for the entire turn, aka , drive it as hard as you can for entire turn. Doing all of this for every turn and The Proteus 180 does heel turns great. This could be the Proteus 180 signature. It does not turn tight if you do not drive it hard
  4. Feet First - Ski Boots, Footwear and Orthotics - NH (richelsonsfeetfirst.com)
  5. Going to get out this week with it.
  6. I have the 425's and use the "Intuition Power Wrap" , have not had any problems at all.
  7. https://www.wcvb.com/article/killington-november-opening-delayed-covid-19-parking-reservations-face-coverings/34620747 Loon may possibly follow same.
  8. Am 200 pounds and have 2 full seasons on an MK, approx 100 days total, and the MK is very good with 200 pounds, def not too soft for a 200 pound plus gear. It will take a heavier ride as well.
  9. No bags inside, suit up in your car, Am questioning, What do you do IF you go inside, with the small amount of items you do need to remove? Example, helmet, goggles gloves, coat? One possible answer, do not go inside, main base is your vehicle. And use the chair only. Used to do this a long time ago. How about full face helmets and face masks? OK , helmet off with mask on while on chairlift, usually take helmet off any way to cool off.
  10. https://www.wcvb.com/amp/article/sunday-river-covid-19-plan-winter-ski-snowboarding-season/34031864
  11. Good news is that many of the road motorcycle group at this track are getting into trials. The terrain up high behind the track is very good, Northern side of Ossipee range. Future trials events are in the making for next year. http://www.clubmotorsports.com/
  12. I just picked up a used Virus Terminator, very similar to your Tantalus. From the few days I had on it at the end of our snow season, It is an extreme high performance board. Keep it, they are hard to find. But try to get another hardboot board that will be an easier board to ride and learn on.
  13. Gave it a try on Thursday, good to get out , sheet of ice underneath, with loose granular on top. Very fast, but was not holding edge much. emailed : new precautionary measures will be added starting Saturday, March 14: To reduce confined close-contact situations, the Gondola will be closed until further notice. Seven Brothers Triple and East Basin Double will operate daily for access to the summit of Loon Peak. Singles lines will be removed at all lifts. Loon team members will not ask guests to join other groups on a chairlift. Kinderbear and PK Boo lessons, Daycare an
  14. Another take on this is, anyone who is first exposed to seeing an alpineboarder at work. Back at the lodge is excitedly talking of someone out there that is getting so low on each turn that they are dragging their arm and body on the snow. In a low voice, say to them , that it might be me. Result is usually disbelief.
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