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  1. I just picked up a used Virus Terminator, very similar to your Tantalus. From the few days I had on it at the end of our snow season, It is an extreme high performance board. Keep it, they are hard to find. But try to get another hardboot board that will be an easier board to ride and learn on.
  2. Gave it a try on Thursday, good to get out , sheet of ice underneath, with loose granular on top. Very fast, but was not holding edge much. emailed : new precautionary measures will be added starting Saturday, March 14: To reduce confined close-contact situations, the Gondola will be closed until further notice. Seven Brothers Triple and East Basin Double will operate daily for access to the summit of Loon Peak. Singles lines will be removed at all lifts. Loon team members will not ask guests to join other groups on a chairlift. Kinderbear and PK Boo lessons, Daycare and all lesson programs for ages 7 & under have been suspended to help reduce situations that require close-contact and extended time indoors. Seasonal programs: Scouts and Dev Team groups with participants ages 7 & under have been suspended. Removing seats and tables from Octagon and Governor Adams lodges to increase social distancing.
  3. Another take on this is, anyone who is first exposed to seeing an alpineboarder at work. Back at the lodge is excitedly talking of someone out there that is getting so low on each turn that they are dragging their arm and body on the snow. In a low voice, say to them , that it might be me. Result is usually disbelief.
  4. Board arrived yesterday, packaged well, is in great shape as described. Curtis, cfj04 is good to deal with. Now if I can get some reasonable carve snow, here in March, will be able to give the Terminator a test, it hand flexes quite stiff by my flex by hand standards, it should be fine for me being 200 pds. This is my first virus, is there anything that I should be aware of? I do ride the MK plenty.
  5. Is That a Mono board...?!?! https://nh.craigslist.org/spo/d/laconia-monoski-187cm-easy-to-use-great/7081571512.html
  6. From a concerned skier, possibly because I was "wrecking" her groomed slope. Is all that turning and deep grooves you are making necessary..?! I did not answer, kept quiet.
  7. Spoken for!! What would be the widest stance that can be used on this board? I am used to 20" to 20.5", but can ride less if needed. thanks r
  8. Or come to Loon Mt with the weekday riders. Wider trails. After MA vacation blackout. PM me if needed.
  9. What would be the widest stance that can be used on this board? I am used to 20" to 20.5", but can ride less if needed. thanks r
  10. Metal Coiler off and walking thru the RFID lift gate at Loon mt, My Rfid pass is in coat upper right hand pocket, And am carrying my board cradled /nested under my right arm, right next to my pass, I stand far enough away from gate and reader walls, and slowly swing my board thru the code reader area, and the gate opened, my info went up on the computer screen. So, the metal board acted as an antenna....?! The attendant saw this and was a bit confused.
  11. Hi Lurch, I can use these plates. Will pm you.
  12. JB Weld, Also JB Weld has Metal Epoxy in a 2 part system, it is a slightly larger quantity than the standard JB Weld little tubes. I have used Both the standard JB and the metal epoxy JB, both work well, but IMO, the Metal Weld epoxy JB does one step better, hint, work quickly. very quickly. JB weld metal epoxy =$13.00
  13. The leaves are starting to change their color.
  14. think it is a share vid time limit thing, try this, works for me, now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IzPmXtEZ7KolGnrUgSKM0YI6_74niz2y/view?ts=5c904010
  15. Snow conditions at Loon are an 11. Indy car style.
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