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  1. With the snow on the local peaks, it's just the matter of time now! Wax those boards!
  2. SOLD! I am thinning my quiver and selling my Donek Flux 162cm with P-tex topsheet. Asking $500, buyer pays shipping. This board was built in 2016 with stock specs and a white P-Tex topsheet. It is in excellent condition and has seen about a dozen total days on the snow. One minor scratch on the base, very small bumps behind the binding screws, and typical binding marks on the topsheet (from bomber power plates).
  3. Hi guys, what are your thoughts on boards that are in the upper end of flex category - 7 > 10. Advantages / Disadvantages to playful > Ultra stiff? For carving, what are your preferences? These are boards I've been looking at, and their flex's... https://www.jonessnowboards.com/snowboarding/202-412-hovercraft.html#/102-size-148 7 https://www.jonessnowboards.com/snowboarding/209-ultra-mind-expander.html 8 https://bataleon.com/products/bataleon-carver-snowboard-2021-2022? 7 https://www.jonessnowboards.com/snowboarding/103-storm-wolf.html 8 https://www.evo.com/snowboards/korua-shapes-pencil-snowboard 7 https://www.jonessnowboards.com/snowboarding/213-346-flagship.html#/61-size-151 8 https://www.amplid.com/snowboards/centrifugal-collection/1345/pentaquark 8 https://slashsnow.com/product/slash-atv?v=7516fd43adaa 5 https://capitasnowboarding.com/products/mega-merc 6.5 lib-tech.com/t-rice-pro 7 https://www.nidecker.com/en/snowboards/371-1522-blade-plus.html#/198-size-158l 10 Blade 7 https://www.nidecker.com/en/snowboards/23-1147-tracer.html#/206-size-157gl 8 https://www.nidecker.com/en/snowboards/65-1462-spectre.html#/213-size-157n 8 Project X 7 Burton Custom X 8 Korua Otto 7 Arbor A Frame 8 https://www.yesnowboard.com/snowboards/328-optimistic.html 9 I've just purchased the Donek Flux, and it's built at an 8 - I was thinking about getting another made at 9. Thoughts?
  4. Early opening and 25cm of pow! Few of my "boys" heading up, have fun! Pics please!
  5. pcABQ

    ABQ carving

    i have moved from denver to albuquerque, and i want to get out some info on carving from ABQ. 6 months ago i would have had trouble locating ABQ ona map; now i iive here -- quite happily. first item: ski sante fe. has a nice, local feel. no fast chairs. excellent grooming and solid carving. updates to follow.
  6. SOLD Need to thin the herd and make room for new toys! This board is in pristine condition. It has been lightly used and only has 12-15 days on it. It is so new that it does not have binding marks. Built for around 180lbs rider. Has one professional tune, 3 side 1 base For sale: Coiler Nirvana Vcam Length: 174 cm Sidecut Radius: 12-14m Waist: 20cm Taper: 16mm $550 Buyer pays shipping. Payment via PayPal or Venmo
  7. Here is my beloved custom Donek Incline, specced out by Sean @ Donek himself. It's an aggressive carving/powder board that I bought as my main board last month in November 2020. It's in great condition, there are no big scrapes/chips and I took very good care of it. It's really wide (29.5) so if you have big feet (11+) this is a great board for you. The reason I'm selling it is because I realized that it's a bit too long for the type of riding I want to do this season. Other than that I love it. It lays down carves like no other. SPECS: Model: Donek Incline -165cm Length -29.5cm Waist Width -Sidecut: 9-11cm (VSR) -Custom Hammerhead Shape (Nose & Tail) -Stiffness: 8/10 -Pure Camber $800 OBO - Let me know for offers and trades
  8. I'm selling my Swoard Extreme Carver PRO. I've had it for years, but I've only ridden it once and immediately decided to buy something a bit smaller instead. It's still in near mint condition. Asking for $500USD, including shipping to Canada or the US. Length: 175cm, Flex: Soft
  9. I took a drive to Chilliwack today and the surounding peeks were white! That's a good enough reason to start this year's thread Hopefully not too long before we see the white stuff on our mountain too!
  10. This thread will be for reviews and the specs of the boards only. Any sort of flaming will be reported to moderators. Keep that type of stuff in that other thread, please. I'll copy/paste and maybe merge some of the old posts here. Test riders, feel free to write your reviews here.
  11. Swoard Extremecarver 3rd generation 168cm Medium flex. $300USD + shipping or best offer Excellent condition, as I have only used it on rare occasions on perfect groomers early in the morning. It's been sitting in my locker for a few years, so it's time for me to get rid of it.
  12. For sale Coiler AMT T 172 AM 21.5x11m 09RC1 6.9+4 Metal Great conditions, tuned this year I am 175cm tall (5'9") and 81kg (178lbs) with MP 27.5 boots Fast, stable, a great board, perfect even for beginners (like me ...) Bindings NOT included and NOT for sale asking $349 + shipping
  13. Hello everyone. the summer season is in full swing and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. For me it's time to put my demo sale online. Most of them have not taken more than 2 days of use. They are all between 9/10 and 9.9 / 10 on the general condition. If a board interests you communicate with me by private message only. I will send you photos of the board that interests you. The buyer pays the transport costs. There is no deal left. Bonjour a vous tous. la saison estivale bat son plein et J'espère que vous en profitez au maximum. Pour moi c'est le temps de mettre en ligne ma vente de démo. Ils ont pour la plupart pas plu de 2 Jours d'utilisation . Ils sont tous entre 9/10 et 9.9/10 sur la condition génerale. Si Un Board vous interesse communiqué avec moi par message privé uniquement. Je vous ferai parvenir des photos du board qui vous interesse. L'acheteur paye les frais de transport. Il y a des deal a ne pas laisse passé. RACING -185 GS w/c hard (12/21m) waist 19.7 -185 GS w/c medium (12/21m) waist 19.7 -180 GS w/c medium (12/19m) waist 20.5 -162 SL w/c medium (7/12m) waist 19.5 -157 SL w/c medium (7/11m) waist 18.9 820$Can or 620$USD each CARVING -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0 -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0 -185 FC kevlar (13/21m) waist 22.9 -169FC kevlar medium (9/13m) waist 19.2 KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD -175 Bulat fiberglass Hard (13,3m) waist 23.0 320$ Can or 250 $USD -175 Bulat titanal hard (13,3m) waist 23.0 -175 Wide titanal soft (12/16m) waist 21.2 TITANAL= 730 $Can or 550 $USD BORDER CROSS -165 BX med kevlar (10/15m) waist 24.5 -158 BX med kevlar (8/13m) waist 24.5 -154 BX med kevlar(7/12m) waist 24.5 KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD -145 BX med fibergass (8/15m) waist 24.5 320$ Can or 250 $USD FREESTYLE 162 FS hard (10/12m) waist 25.2 (for big guy or agressive soft boot carver) 550$ Can or 415 $USD Bindings not include...
  14. A little run on one of my Fullbag longboards, specificaly tuned for carving. We filmed this at sunset, late last fall, after an afternoon of slalom skateboard practice. First experiment filming with an iPhone on a gimbal. It was cold, sub zero celcius, thus the winter jacket and snowboard helmet. I will try to add more little clips of pavement carving on skateboards in this thread, once in a while.
  15. First of all, this is a review thread. Use it for test ride comments and civilized discussion. If you want to flame, use "some prototypes" thread in the carving section... Intro: This was designed to be an ultimate freeride/carver for hardboots, or softies for those who like very forward angles. The inspiration for this board came from few excellent, yet not perfect, alpine free ride boards that me and few local riders have tried and frrm versatility of modern slalom boards (OES SL included). For few years I tried to convince Alexey that he needed this type of board in his lineup and that we possibly could redesign one of the existing boards to fit the bill. However, now he decided to develop it from scratch - new molds, new geometry. I've designed the geometry (so blame it on me if it didn't work), while the core thickness and construction I left to Alexey. Specs: Length: 167 Waist: 23 SCR: 8-10 Flex: M, S and XS, for now. Construction: Kevlar composite, wood core Weight: 3.9 kg, the heaviest M The sidecut goes high up into the decambered nose, creating heavy taper (less decamber at the tail). However, there's almost no taper at the contact points, flat running. I'm hoping to achieve the best of both worlds this way - carveability and float in pow. The prototypes are here!

    Burton Primes

    L-R. 6.0/180S, a 64, a 6.7, and a 7.3/180S. I can send more photos of specific boards. $120 each plus shipping. PayPal family and friends.
  17. The 177 FC is a special board. The nose is big for a carving board. When you bent the board in the turn, the curve continue perferctly in the curve on the nose and the edge get bigger.You can test that by sitting on snow and push on borad. It is like a variable edge size , if it is possible? When you go flat the contact edge is smaller than when you turn on the edge by pushing. Maniability at flat and longer edge grip when you turn, this is for me a very interresting concept for a carving board, and radius 9-12 short radius. The result of this concept, is the board turn very short in carving for a 177 , and maniable board at flat, but the big surprise is the possibility to carve at higher edge inclinations in wet snow. That is the first board that allows me to carve almost in wet snow like in middle hard snow. And for me it is a revolution.Never i was able to me to do that wich an other board so easely. For me I find at ent the solution to carve at the end of the season, so i can now carve carve carve until the last days. This board is a big discovery, a very interresting concept, and the solution to finish the season by carving no matter if the snow is wet and high temperature. If you have a probleme on wet snow !!!!!!
  18. It's that time of the year again! Local h/botters gathered again for BBQ sacrifice to Ullr. Numbers were a bit down, due to many members being away. Never the less we had good time. May the snow be with us!
  19. Burton Wind. Size 25.5 to 27 boot shell. Comes with 2 sets of Intuition liners. There is a crack on the left tongue and on the right tongue... does not affect the integrity of the boot. Other than that, they are in really good shape. $150 CAN obo, buyer pays shipping.
  20. Been using the Thirst 8RW this season for GS racing and carving this season. This season is my first racing Slalom and Giant Slalom, I have been riding soft boot racing boards for the last decade. I have ridden all the super expensive boards out there, I even regretfully own a couple of them. The first day I rode the Thirst 8RW it held a better edge than any of my other boards. Every time I go out on the 8RW I find a new gear and I go faster than the time before. I raced the 8RW on Presidents day at White Pass in a GS race. I won two gold medals and the Thirst board was amazing! I would race this board at any level of competition. I qualified for Nationals at Copper Mtn. I hope to go but I'm still trying to figure out if I can. The Thirst board that I'm borrowing has more power than my Donek and holds a better edge than my Kessler. If your wanting a high end board with a ton of power the 8RW is the one.
  21. hi guys, recently I have decided to learn how to snowboard and I have a old snowboard like 10 years old but it's a racing snowboard. It's Fanatic brand, 180cm (5.9). I'm 186cm. I am using the ski boots from my ski but they are not very good fitting my legs. If you can see it in the picture, it looks like they are loose at the top. (they are fitted on maximum but there is a lot of space for my hand to freely enter the space) I was reading this forum for a while and I understand that I shouldn't be using the ski boots for snowboard. My question is: is there any good boot what I can use on the snowboard and also for skiing? Or, because I am just a beginner, should I buy some board with the soft bindings? Also, I tried a freestyle snowboard with a soft binding, but the shoe (it was from a rental) was a loose at the top. Shouldn't be the shoe firm on the top? thanx for your advices .)
  22. Ciao Carvers Here is some strong suggestion for your next winters holiday planning ;-) Next season (10.&11. March 2018) me and my crew will carry out our Moon&Carve Session for the first time. It takes place at the wintersports area Elsigen-Metsch which is the raceboarders Mekka in the canton of Berne, Switzerland. You will find more information on our emerging event homepage: http://moon-and-carve-en.weebly.com It would be a pleasure to have you with us as participants or supporter. Best regards & ride hard nextcarve PS: Share the news, like us on Facebook
  23. I had the pleasure of a lesson with @Eric Brammer aka PSR on Sunday. He spent a couple of hours working on my technique, developed originally in Switzerland in the 90s. Plug for Eric - he is a great teacher, technical and able to focus on fine detail and impart insights and suggestions that are meaningful and helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their carving skills. After the lesson I documented as much of what I could remember from the lesson as possible as working notes and a reference for the future. At risk of opening a technique debate I thought that I would share here in case anyone else would find this helpful. Any errors below are mine not Eric's. Brian General Initiate turns moving shoulders in a gentle arc left and forward, back and center, right and forward (in practice imagine a tray across the hands with glasses on that should stay stable) Upper body relaxed Moving shoulders across the board pulls the hips across, moving board onto edge In a tight turn if the nose hooks compensate by dropping the shoulder outside of the turn Each turn is divided into 3 arcs: Initiation, compression, transition In transitions lift and lead with the front foot Use 'counting' (or metronome like tempo) to pace your turn’s arcs, so that you can 'play with' the fall-line by how far you arc a turn Body posture: for relaxed riding, body is higher, allowing for easier recovery in times of need; for intense riding body is crouched, less room for error - aim for a point in between. When it's steeper: lower + looser usually wins the day (ie, the more relaxed you can be) Initiation phase: toeside turn Move shoulders forward and outside the toeside Push down with front toes Move from knee forward and over second toe ·Look over toeside shoulder to check nobody approaching then look to point where you want to end the turn Compression phase: toeside Push down with back toes Move back knee down towards the snow Move center of weight backwards between feet Push away from the board with both feet evenly To tighten the carve push back knee towards front knee decambering the board (but, by the time you are coming 'across' the hill, the rear knee should be 'levered' such that it's over the Center toe, so don't 'get stuck' with knees too close to each other) Transition phase: toeside Move shoulders back and to center of board Lift front toes and twist foot towards heel Move front knee over little toe Unweight board by lifting both knees towards your body Initiation phase: heelside turn Move shoulders forward and outside the heelside Lift front toes and push toes towards heelside Move back knee forward and over big toe (but be 'lifting' the toes, too) Look up to check nobody approaching then look to point where you want to end the turn Compression phase: heelside Push down with front heel Move back knee down towards the snow (front knee may also contribute in this motion, but is a 'soft' move, usually) Move center of weight backwards between feet Push away from the board with both feet evenly To tighten the carve lift toes and push back knee towards front knee decambering the board Transition phase: heelside Move shoulders back and to center of board Start lifting front foot Move back knee over little toe (Briefly! Don't get 'behind' the board) Unweight board by lifting both knees towards your body
  24. Hello carver !! Winter is upon us and the CSQ2018 at le Relais du Lac Beauport ( QUEBEC,Canada) http://www.skirelais.com/en/ in the suburbs of Quebec city for a 5th year. To start this is not an official but unofficial évent... due to a question of insurance. for this edition following the request of the participants, the activity will over two days (Saturday and Sunday) 27/28 January 2018. Just register in Québec post (no cost or obligation) and tell me the date you would enjoy, it can also be the 2. It will help me to fix the réservation at the beautiful restorant "Archibald Brewers https://www.archibaldmicrobrasserie.ca/index.php/fr/nos-restaurants.html saturday night. There will also be the opportunity to test SWOARD boards during the day !! An opportunity not to be missed. (G4 168M - 168M PRO - PRO 168h - PRO 175M) For accommodation there is plenty of nice hotel nearby. for more information do not hesitate to contact me and in addition ...the exchange rate CAN/USD Will be very favorable? More info to come.
  25. FYI, NES dates this year are set for Jan 12-14, 2018. More details coming soon.
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