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Carbon Fiber Longboard - Nor'easter price drop


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Pavement carving season is almost upon us.

Custom carbon fiber longboard by Matt Napier, a well known custom longboard shaper in Canada. It's a dropthrough model. WB: 30.25" Length: 39.25"

The deck, trucks and wheels are in mint shape. There is some discoloration at the ends from some adhesive foam that I had added as nose and tail protection. No crashes. No curb hits. Napes charges $650 for the deck only so I am thinking USD$325.00 for the complete board.

Last call on this at $USD250 or CAD$325.

The Apex sticker is removable but that might lift off some clearcoat so I left it on.





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10 hours ago, daveo said:

Is this longboard good for a beginner wanting to get into longboarding? 

I honestly don't know. I've ridden it and I'm a beginner. It's stable. The dropthrough trucks help with that. 

But... you definitely don't want to be bashing this against curbs.

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2 hours ago, skategoat said:

But... you definitely don't want to be bashing this against curbs.

Yea.. not just because it is a quality piece of equipment, but also because it is just so damn pretty man!

I am playing the powerball and the other lottery, so I might have the liquid funds in a few days... but I wouldn't count on it.... But that is pretty man...

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