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    Quebec, Canada
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    Val d'Irène, QC, Canada
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    Fullbag Boards Owner/Designer
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    Fullbag Hammerhead 181
    Fullbag Hammerhead 171
    Fullbag Lifer 166
    Fullbag Diamond Blade 163
    Fullbag Blunt Diamond 162
    Fullbag Blunt Diamond 156
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    2018 Burton Driver X 10.5 with older Scarpa powerwrap liners and custom powerstrap.
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    Ride El Hefe and Now Drive
    55cm stance with the Rides (canted footbeds)
    54cm stance on the Nows
    Front angle: 24° to 30°
    Rear angle: 3° to 12°
    Allways setback
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  1. Oh! Interesting! What softboots were you using on those boards and in what size? And what were your binding angles for both (softboot and with the Backland)?
  2. Mig

    Uber Funny

  3. What Backland model do you have Rob? And how does the stiffness compare to a Driver X?
  4. Mig

    short & fat

    If I manage to loose a 150lbs, you won't have to twist my arm! Right now, I am having a hard time completing a run on a very small hill without my back and knees suffering. Haaa! Haa! Ha!
  5. Last I heard, Korua were made by Nobile in Poland. But they could have changed factory since then, of course.
  6. Mig


    Love Gelanding!!! I have been following them for a few years. I have tried to get a couple of their DVDs through friends visiting Japan, but sadly it didn't work out.
  7. Both of these will cover your needs and have a stiffer flex than most boards of their type. Designed and made in Canada. Fullbag Blunt Diamond: https://fullbag.com/collections/snowsurfs/products/blunt-diamond-156-l https://www.instagram.com/p/B5RamTdpLBh/?igshid=5nu992plweqi Fullbag Supernaut: https://fullbag.com/collections/snowsurfs/products/supernaut
  8. Pedro's frontside air last week at the Vans Park Series in SLC was absolutely out of this world!!!
  9. Ok! Let's go!!! Carve... carve... carve.... carve... Let's hit that bank on the right side! Yeeaaah!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Oooh! Untracked pow patch on the left!!! Slaaaaash!!! Back to the groom!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... This is waaaaay too much fun!!! Oh! Roller coming up! Pop it!!! Carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... carve... Man! The conditions are awesome!!! Flatter section coming up. Let's do it switch! Carve... carve... carve... carve... 180 back to forward! Let's stop and watch Steph and Benny go by. Man! My buddies have style!!! Follow them!!! Etc... etc... etc...
  10. Mig

    Pavement Carving

    @pokkis I remember seeing that second spot in some of your slalom vids!
  11. A little run on one of my Fullbag longboards, specificaly tuned for carving. We filmed this at sunset, late last fall, after an afternoon of slalom skateboard practice. First experiment filming with an iPhone on a gimbal. It was cold, sub zero celcius, thus the winter jacket and snowboard helmet. I will try to add more little clips of pavement carving on skateboards in this thread, once in a while.
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