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Best Carving Video?


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La Carvesina HD - Short vid, good quality film of carving to classical music:


Some sexy about a girl that can carve! This Russian girl has her own style, poor quality vid:

An old video. Carving on a Virus with Pantera in the background:

None Carving:

Powder Cat Sking in BC, Simple film editing but effective, catchy little tune:

A youthful happy fun video with top notch editing

USC Ski & Snowboard - Party in the Park

My Dream! Someday...

CMH Heli Snowboarding Canada 2012 HD

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The second frozen-backside video (post #12), at 3:18, shows the perfect tool for avoiding lift-line crowding and topsheet damage.

Also, they're frickin' maniacs. I wanna ride with them.

That "tool" is only milled aluminum. but it works great. Glued to the board with a bit of Sikaflex.

Regarding "riding with them": just do it !! check our website, and look for the "events"

Big event in March again, in Silvretta Montafon (Austria), with the Pureboarding guys and gals.

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Many years ago we stayed at Schruns actually in Tschagguns and got to ride at Slivretta, we had a blast. That 6 person lift line with the moving carpet made me realize why people put spikes on the backs of their boards.

Im probably the only US rider with one of thesepost-29-141842379767_thumb.jpg

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What does this guy have on his arms?


Are these home-made? Purchased? I'm interested in making/buying something like this.

This guy (me) has self-made gloves :). As 0815-fahrer already said, it is snowboard Ptex base sewed on normal gloves - which is hard work by the way.... one little drill hole for each stitch

Afterwards, the stitching and all glove fingers are covered by Sika Flex 252 (polyurethane glue from the car industry). The Ptex base is hold in position by two straps around the arm.

It's not a perfect but by far the best solution I've had so far. These gloves have no wear, the only issue is the limited adhesive force of the Sika Flex on base.

Where did you actually get that screenshot from?

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