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2008/2009 Calendar


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I'm planning to print a calendar for the upcoming season. I need some input on dates to include in that calendar. With some help from everyone here, perhaps we can get a good representation of events all over the world. Please post any dates you think should be included in the calendar.


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Sierra League Super G race. Open to all (pay a small race fee). Saturday training day mandatory (and the most fun part of the whole thing). Sunday race. Hosted by Sierra League and held at Northstar at Tahoe

February 28 - Super G Clinic

March 1 - Super G


The Vans Cup Tahoe is usually held that same weekend, but it doesn't appear yet on Northstar's site. And its not a carving related event, but it is fun to watch after super g racing.

2009 USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain. www.usasa.org Dates? Presumably March 27-April 4, but its not posted on their site yet.

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November 1, 2008: Frozen Backside Season Opening in Soelden

And probably the most important carving event in europe:

May 1, 2009: Carving Masters Episode II - The glacier strikes back (Rettenbach Glacier in Soelden)

Homepage will be online latest November. Most of the manufacturers already have agreed their attendance. We wait for some folks from oversea.

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The Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom

They haven't posted the date for 2009 yet though: http://mtbaker.us/events_main.php

Maryhill Festival of Speed

They haven't posted the 2009 date either: http://www.maryhillfestivalofspeed.com/site.html

Attack of Danger Bay

3rd weekend in May: http://www.coastlongboarding.com/dangerbay.cfm

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