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  1. My happy place for speed was about 500 knots at 40' off the deck. Back when the USAF was paying for JP4...
  2. I just got an Angrry 160 (and I’m also 165lb) and it certainly is light and flickable. It will do cross under turns so fast you need to be careful you don’t launch yourself over the high side. I’m not sure, however, that it will be a less exhausting ride than your Donek because making more turns at lower speed can require a lot of energy. I suppose if you ride it in a more mellow manner you could end up expending less energy per unit of time, but it’s so turney and has such good edge hold that it sort of eggs you on to turn it up to 11 and put on a show. YMMV. of course...
  3. It's a Medium flex for my 165lb. Softer flex than the Coiler for sure. I found the Swoard mounting options so maybe I'll try mounting centered but I'm a bit skeptical
  4. I just got a new Swoard Pro2 168 to compliment the Coiler ECVC 168 I've been riding for a couple of seasons. I haven't ridden a Swoard, and in comparison to the Coiler, I noticed a few distinct differences. Namely: 1. 30mm less effective edge 2. Softer flex 3. Only 2mm taper vs. 12mm taper for the Coiler 4. Binding mounts are much more forward Based on all these differences, I'm assuming that the Swoard needs a more centered riding style, and finishes round turns more than the Coiler. I ride in Tahoe mostly so the runs are narrower and steeper than a lot of other places, so I think the Swoard should be matched to those types of runs. Those are my assumptions, but if anybody has time on a Swoard, I'd be interested in your perspective. Thanks!!
  5. Great ideas guys! I found this 175mm ski bag online at the big A for $27.
  6. Anybody have a source/recommendation for board bags? Looking for something to put the alpine boards in to throw in the back of the SUV. Want to protect from scuffs/scrapes, but don't need an airline/wheeled bag. Thanks!
  7. I'll be the contrarian here. I've been hardbooting since 1992 and love it for carving on groomers. I've hardbooted plenty off piste, backcountry and heli, and I feel that while it can work, it's not optimal. Why? With hardboots I feel that you don't have the range of motion and mobility to move your body in the best way to ride powder and it ends up feeling restricted and your riding looks pretty stiff. If I were you, I'd look for some backcountry soft boots and pair them with some three strap bindings. Horses for courses and all...
  8. I just got a new Angrry from Bruce last week. July build slot.
  9. Just added a new Angrry, second from left, to my Coiler collection! I'll try it out this weekend.
  10. Ha- love the color scheme. Reminds me of an airplane I had built that I spent a ton of time designing the color scheme on.
  11. Good idea- I'm Epic, so will be at Kirkwood and Northstar mostly. Possibly a trip to Park City as well.
  12. So that's why my new Angrry is still in the ether!
  13. I have an ECVC 168 12/13 and it's an amazing board. Highly recommended.
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