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Found 6 results

  1. I asked Bruce to build me a board in 2018 summer. My planned board is shorter, narrower and tighter in 160 x 19 x 12m to 165 x 20.5 x 12/13m. Finally, Bruce and I decided to make it longer, wider and faster. Therefore the produced board is ECVC 168 x 21 x 12.5/13.5m for my 168cm/135lb. I also ask my 3 years old daughter to paint the custom graphic for me. Riding History The board arrived in early 2019 in excellent build quality and the superb graphic is eye catching. It encarved "T 168 ECVC -6.2+9". I ride 4 days and 18/19 season. The board is damp and smooth which gave me courage to learn EC. Unfortunately, I twist my ankle of the back foot due to old boots being too large and riding too happy. I bought the new MS951 boots in the end of last season and have rode 15 full days in two trips in this 19/20 season. 19 days in total. Is it too late to post it in New Board Porn now? Flex The flex hits the sweet spot for my weight. And I particularly like the stiff nose. The board likes me to put pressure on the nose. I think I only had one not-so-serious nose dive in poor snow condition when there is a small pond of soft snow in the middle of groom run and I put too much pressure on front leg. Which is better than my other board with soft nose. I feel the board flex is quite constant from tip to tail. I feel confident, comfortable, stable & easier laying down carving even the slope is a bit uneven and curd. The length, width & radius are all to my taste. But if you ask me to do it again, I will probably make it longer in 170/175cm. Setting I feel wider stance width is less tiring. Therefore, I gradually increase the stance width from 45,46,47,48,49 to 50cm and will try to reduce it to 48 in my next trip. I also moved the binding to the front by ~0.5cm. I ride 52.5/47.5, 51/48 or 54/48. I am still trying to find the best setting. EC Performance I ride softboots for about 10 years, hardboots for 4 years. I am quite satisfied with my front side for the moment (though still has rooms for improvement). While my backside turn initiation is always a bit late, together with putting too much pressure on front leg (especially when the board return uphill), chatter happens often. Once chatter or the lost edge, my butts touch the ground for 1 or 2 second before regaining the edge. My pants and jackets are totally torn in less than 10 days because my riding style is everyday from first ride (8:30) to end of lift (16:30) without lunch for 7.5 days in a trip! (see attached image). After all, I learn a lot in this board and rectify my bad habit. Love it! Problem EC on 15-18 degree slope is ok. It is quite exhausted and tiring for EC on 19-25 degree slope. Perhaps, I will probably ask Bruce to made me a longer board? Another problem is that the MS951 is still a bit too stiff for pull-push though heavily modified. And riding without tongue is just too scary. I just found that the frontside edge, near front foot, has a 1mm dent at the edge corner. Finger can feel easily. However, I couldn't notice it when riding. It may be caused by skiers crash or hidden stone. Should I do something about it? Video Conclusion If you are a lightweight EC rider like me, I recommend Coiler ECVC to you. Question is welcome. Cheers!!
  2. Swoard Extremecarver 3rd generation 168cm Medium flex. $300USD + shipping or best offer Excellent condition, as I have only used it on rare occasions on perfect groomers early in the morning. It's been sitting in my locker for a few years, so it's time for me to get rid of it.
  3. We are addicted to Zinal. So we share this little video with you. http://youtu.be/HPfsC-lT0fs
  4. Hi! I am intrigued by the Swoard EC but don't know if it is definitely the board for me:confused:. I have been riding hard shells and alpine boards for 20 years. My favorite board ever was a 1996-97 Hot shine 162. I currently ride a 1995 +/- Rossi Alpine 159 which I love, but is obviously a bit long in the tooth and it is time to upgrade. I weigh 170#, am 5,9' and have 27 mondo raichle 124's. Anyone out there ride a Swoard? I like softer flexes and wider boards in general (my angles are 51 front 48 back), but don't know how there flexes compare to what I consider soft/hard. Any advice would be appreciated very much!!!! I live in Park City, so if there are any hardbooters around here let me know!!! :D Ash :)
  5. ashychef1

    EC in Utah

    Hi! I was wondering if there is anyone in Utah that is into EC. I ride with a couple of other freecarvers in Park City, but am interested in becoming a better EC rider. Does anyone in the SLC area have a Swoard they would be willing to let me take a few runs on? I'm 170 pounds with a mondo 27 boot. Thanks! Ash
  6. https://www.youtube.com/user/purecarve08/featured
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