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An unusual equipment combination


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This season we met a small group of snow skaters on the hill I work at, and with us being the hardboot weirdos, they quickly asked a very unusual question: “do you have a skwal, by a chance?”

Turns out @roch, who was standing in line with me, happened to have two for sale. These lunatics wanted to mount them under their skate decks for more stability at higher speeds, which blew me away. I doubted I’d ever see it on the hill, until I encountered them today:


I don’t think I’ve seen someone go that fast on a snow skate before. They were skidding most of their turns, but rode really nicely on the shallow slopes.

Apparently they had been looking for quite some time to find this niche equipment! They apparently want to enter into a snow skate race (I had no idea this existed) with these things.

This definitely goes up on my list of ridiculous encounters on the ski hill…

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1 hour ago, ShortcutToMoncton said:

I feel there’s a difference between “going at” 100km/h and “falling at” 100km/h….

You fall on pavement at 100km/h and I’m sorry, you’re a coin flip away from a closed casket! Quite the rush….🙃

This would make a better sequal to that 90’s Sega game: Road Rash.


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