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  1. I may be interested in the DONEK 176 FC II without the bindings. I can also make shipping a little easier if you just ship it to Sumas, so the package doesn't have to cross the border.
  2. I am fairly tall (6'3"), light (~175 lbs), young (20) and can ride quite recklessly as a result. As I mentioned in the initial post, I have damaged softboots and I also routinely strip plastic off of the straps for softboot bindings due to them slipping under pressure, or clamping them down too tight. I switched to hardboots primarily because I can't tolerate softboots anymore, and I'm really enjoying the switch. On another note, I got extremely lucky and ran into someone on the same chair as me who was willing to sell his 184cm Coiler board. I'm going to be trying it out next weekend
  3. I can head up to Cypress during April on a weekend. I've been riding Grouse all season since I have a pass there, and have been meaning to try riding other mountains anyway. Message me about meeting up if you ever feel nice enough to let me try one of your boards!
  4. Is it possible for you to PM me some contact information for this person selling boards on Facebook? I haven't used that site in ages. What mountain do you usually go to? I would also be interested in trying out one of your boards.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably keep riding on this board for the remainder of the season with hardboots and I'll see what I can pull off in the park when I'm not bombing runs. As for the F2 race bindings, is there a good reason not to use it on a freeride board other than stiffness -- will I break it or something? I'm pretty content with my boot/binding situation (in fact, I just want a stiffer board!) Anything on the possibility of demoing a race board around Vancouver?
  6. I have recently picked up a pair of Deeluxe Track 700Ts and F2 race bindings since I plan to get into alpine equipment next season. I have recently been testing the equipment on the skii hill without a proper alpine snowboard and have been riding at very low stance angles (~30 degrees forward) on a fairly stiff and wide freeride board (2018 K2 Turbo Dream). After putting an absurd amount of padding around my ankle/heel in the liner, plus a heel wedge, I finally have an extremely firm fit for my awkwardly shaped foot. What I didn't expect is for hard boots to work so well on the aforemention
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