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Mile Wiegele has passed


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It wasn't unexpected, this last couple of years. He was still pretty much around until then, although he hasn't been running the place for quite a while now. You can still go if you can get into Canada. 

He was a crazy Austrian guy, but he wasn't bothered about where you came from or what you rode: his business always treated poor snowboarders like me just the same as they treated the richest old school skiers. That's why he got most of my heli money. In fact he's still got some of it and I'll be there, Covid permitting, to collect on some of it in December.

I'm sorry he's gone, but he had about as good a run as any of us can expect.

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On 7/30/2021 at 7:53 AM, Neil Gendzwill said:

... I suspect your definition of “poor snowboarder” and mine differ by quite a bit. 

Yes, perhaps I should have said "relatively poor", or "from an ordinary background".

When I first visited Wiegele I arrived on the Greyhound and flew standby. I used overnight bus to get there to save the cost of a night in a hotel. I had to work the numbers hard to make it happen, and it was a "once in a lifetime" deal. Mike treated people with private jets and watch-winding machines the same as people like me.

I liked that, so I made some money and went back. It took me a while to earn enough to even deal with down days as a concept: you avoid that if you fly standby.

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