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Rolling board bag


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I am in need of a rolling board bag that will stand up to air travel well, need it for MCC. What do you guys use/ recommend or not recommend? 

I plan on bringing 3 or 4 boards (2 hardboot decks and 2 softboot decks) so needs the space for the width of a soft and length of a hard. Dividers would be nice, but I do have bomber board bags for the hardboot ones so I could alternate them to keep them from damaging each other. 

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Sport Tubes are popular and you can pad the boards with some clothing (be careful of weight limits though), or put sliced pipe insulation or pool noodles over the edges. There are also lots of multi-ski bags out there that would fit multiple boards, but they don't always have wheels.


I have a monster Swix bag that if anything is too long, something like 215 cm. It has held up pretty well. 

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I use old straps like you'd use to tie a sleeping bag to a backpack to tie the boards together.  

It's real easy to sneak up on the 50-lb limit with 3 boards, one TD3 binding, and 2 Bomber board bags in a Sportube 3.  Weigh the package before the airport!  I carry my boots and bindings in my carry-on.  

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SLC ground crew dragged this one across the tarmac. Bag and pants toast. What saved the boots and boards was the flat part of the arch buckle on my son’s 325’s. Ground about a millimeter off the buckle. He still wears them. United had a brand new bag at my home two days later and gave me $250 voucher for the pants. 





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