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  1. Let me know how it goes! From what I've heard, they have standard social distancing measures and mask requirements. Also sounds like they are limiting day sale tickets and no day of tickets.
  2. Mammoth just had their fist day yesterday and June is slated to open 12/19! Very excited for the season to start! I am figuring no one from this group bothered with the first day crowds but hoping the conditions were good and we have a great and safe season!
  3. I know I am late to to the party here, but I agree with many others here: I would love the chance to try one out, but I don't want to die lol. I'm not a fantastic carver anyway so Instruction would be very important to me, especially at Turner since there is no green or easy blue. If there was I would very likely take it out with just a few questions as I got it set up!
  4. First year I brought my fiance who had 6 days on a snowboard total before the trip. She made it down alive, I'm sure you will too! Edit: it was 4 days!
  5. Just saw the wait list! Was about to sign up today! Here's to hoping things upen up a bit to allow more riders
  6. Yeah I still plan on renewing, but I also would like to see a little more from them in the wake of all this. True it is not their fault, but I dont like the ever increasing prices for less in return. I think I barely got my money's worth, but my fiance and 2 friends definitely did not, one of them only had one outing. One day this season for 600 is insane for no fault of their own. Mt. High a few years back in a bad snow season gave everyone who got x days or less a partial refund significantly more than the $50 discount for a significantly cheaper pass. As it stands a student discount for the
  7. Yep I'm waiting to see what they decide to do in the wake of all of this, crossing my fingers for a discount for next seasons pass or refund I can put towards next year
  8. That seams to happen when there is early snowfall, atleast that's what seems to be the trend over here on the west coast.
  9. Well, aperantly it might be an early end to the season now that most mountains are shut down due to COVID-19. Hope everyone is staying healthy out there!
  10. Well trip is canceled now that the mountains are closed
  11. Well I guess we will see what happens now too with every mountain shut down because of COVID-19 (or almost atleast if not every one)
  12. That east or west? I really like the run on mh east, gold rusher I think it is? Something like that. East is not open that often though And damn that is one expensive pass... $2500... And I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to budget renewing my and my fiancé's icon base passes for next season with student discounts at less than 1/4 of that each...
  13. Not stoked about the change taking Aspen out of the base pass. Was looking forward to a trip there maybe next year. Will be renewing again though for Mammoth and june access though!
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