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  1. Last year I went because I wanted to meet other carvers/ meet up with those I'd met before and ride with them to improve my own riding. Clinics, clinics, clinics!!! (thanks @Corey!) Also looked forward to the demos. Private mountain just to ourselves was a huge plus and drew me to suck up the extra travel needed to get there. For me anything just relatively empry or a private run would have been amazing enough. To share carving with my fiance (even if it was only her 5th day on a snowboard...) I had a flexible job at the time so it worked out well. Things I liked after getting there that would influence me to want to go again: Small town feel (didn't really know what to expect/look up too much on libby itself prior, but I love small towns). No passing rule actually worked better and I liked it more than I anticipated I would. Originally didnt think it was necessary as everyone is a carver and should know what to expect from fellow carvers, but it really put me at ease and not worrying about who was behind me was nice. Definitely did not go for the powder but it was amazing!
  2. That's sortof what I was expecting, thanks for the report! I will be sure to pack the butter wax then for when it warms up and is sticky.
  3. Not that I want to take away from the interest in MCC but it's just not in the cards for me to go this year. I did free up my schedule and might spend a few of those days at June. Anyone want to meet up there? It'd be fun to do a little SNES but I don't want to split the community.
  4. There is a mid station. It was closed last year I believe because there was no liftie there, though one could have gotten off there if they really wanted.
  5. Really wish I could this season, but I left my previous job and don't have reliable work or income now which means I'm broke. Trying to save for a wedding and house too... Loved last year when we went because of the mountain to ourselves, meeting everyone, clinics, demos, and raffle. Food was cheap too. Had a great time! The negatives for me: Travel. Not close airports means a full day of travel required there and back. I have an icon pass which works many places, but Turner isn't one, increasing cost. Terrain. It was challenging which was good, but as a mediocre rider I did miss having an easier blue to practice on. Many blues I would have considered hard or even blacks. Also one long slow chair (atleast it isn't the old t bar). Last year there was lots of powder, which I'm not as big of a fan of. Was 100 times better than powder at most resorts, but none the less I wished for more groomers. This is not to say I expect this or following years to be the same. I remember hearing this was a bit of a freak storm. Grooming seemed good on days it was groomed, but with only one functional cat due to unforseen issues we were left wishing for more. Length. While a longer event may make it more difficult to get off of work for, the amount of travel required had me wishing it was a day or 2 longer. Instead those 2 days were just for travel. I truly am thankful to Dave and Turner mountain for this event. I had an amazing time last year. I really want this to continue and I have every intention of making it again next year, but it is just not in the cards for me this year. If a change in venue does happen at any point in the future I do hope that June Mountain is on the short list atleast for a west coast event, at the loss of not our own private mountain (but it would be awfully close)
  6. Anyone been recently? Plan on doing a day trip this Wednesday Dec 18th.
  7. Just went up the other day for a last minute trip, snow conditions were good! Lots of coverage, pretty much everything open. Plan on headingback up after the new year!
  8. Boots and bindings still available! Helmet pending sale, the add on tape has been cleaned off. Make me an offer!
  9. I go back and forth with music. It is definitely true it can stop you from overthinking if you let it, but then again I often drive without listening to music simply because I don't feel like it... I know, I'm weird. But I did just got the Outdoor Tech Chips (https://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Universal-Bluetooth-Walkie-Talkie-OT0052/dp/B01KZSRB1W) at the end of last season and modded my helmet liner to fit them. Looking forward to trying them out, and as a bonus they work as a 2 way radio over cell service if anyone else has got them which could come in handy
  10. Looks like most others have hit the main points I would suggest having been in a similar situation: 1: Moldable liners. High volume ones for your case. 2: Foot beds. In my case they have been the single most useful thing for my feet, but I had many more issues than it seems you have. 3: Sort of mentioned but not really, you can get (or make) boot shims, not sure if they have a technical name. they are sort of like foot beds but completely flat, they can go between your shell and liner, or under your foot bed in the liner. They just serve to take up space under foot. I am sure you can also come up with a creative solution for one around your shins if you have extra space there specifically. This is the cheapest option, but I would personally focus on liners and footbeds first if you can afford it.
  11. If I can make it this year (new job so I dont know yet) and I can swing the extra time, I'd do a post!
  12. Think I found it... It just needs to come find me now!
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