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    Looking for work in Audio Video!
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  1. This! I have a hero 7, which is the first one that had truly amazing image stabilization, I would say that it or greater is required, or spend an equal amount on a gimbal accessory. One of @Ryan Knaptons tips for use on a pole is to flip the camera so it faces down not up. Your face is covered with helmet, goggles and especially now mask, everyone is more interested in your board action than your head that they can't even see looking around the mountain.
  2. I keep seeing all these new fancy boards in the board porn thread with some killer custom top sheets... Are there some members of our community that do these?
  3. For what it's worth, I took that approach the last couple seasons - the "add resistance" method. This season I went and made everything more natural and my carves have improved a vast amount since doing so.
  4. I missed this thread but coincidentally I have been working on and successfully completing some 360 carves my last couple days out! I love your breakdown, definitely speaks to what I am doing. I've noticed most of mine so far on a Kessler 168 are oval or circle shaped and not the spiral shape. Not sure if that's just technique or something to do with the board or that I am doing it on very flat ground. I am not trying to do a spiral per say though, more do a 360 and smoothly stand back up
  5. That my binding setup needed some adjustment to be more relaxed vs "getting me in an aggressive stance" That I can do some 360 carves! And still working on heelside turn initiation / commitment
  6. Last weekend I got a few Second liftie downloading on the chair (June Mountain, Gunsmoke, J4) where the chair is on the side of the entire run. He sees me going down and meets me at the bottom and says "that was awesome watching you come down, I thought you were going to make a full circle!" I then started ending the runs with a 360 carve around the slow sign at the bottom
  7. I just played with my lift last weekend. I am at about 60/65 degrees and using TD3s, I have had for a couple years now 6 degrees toe lift on the front and 6 almost full heel lift on the back, slight inward canting. I have always felt a bit unnatural and strained while in line or waiting on the side of the slope with this setup though. Carving was ok, but not super fluid. The plus side was it got me into a more aggressive position and provided more resistance in the boots/bindings which atleast in my mind equated to more immediate power transition to the board I decided over the last couple trips to slowly get into a more natural position. I am now at the same front settings, but rear is now a 3 degree ring with slightly more inward cant (angle relative to the binding angle- but likely numericaly less ramp due to a 3 degree vs 6 ring). I also adjusted the spring system (dgss?) to be more upright on the front foot. This has made the whole setup much more comfortable and natural feeling. I feel a bit of slop though when entering heel side (may be partly me too) so it's not quite tuned in yet, but carves felt much more natural.
  8. Headed to June for 2/20 and 21st if anyone wants to make some turns!
  9. Let me know how it goes! From what I've heard, they have standard social distancing measures and mask requirements. Also sounds like they are limiting day sale tickets and no day of tickets.
  10. Mammoth just had their fist day yesterday and June is slated to open 12/19! Very excited for the season to start! I am figuring no one from this group bothered with the first day crowds but hoping the conditions were good and we have a great and safe season!
  11. I know I am late to to the party here, but I agree with many others here: I would love the chance to try one out, but I don't want to die lol. I'm not a fantastic carver anyway so Instruction would be very important to me, especially at Turner since there is no green or easy blue. If there was I would very likely take it out with just a few questions as I got it set up!
  12. First year I brought my fiance who had 6 days on a snowboard total before the trip. She made it down alive, I'm sure you will too! Edit: it was 4 days!
  13. Just saw the wait list! Was about to sign up today! Here's to hoping things upen up a bit to allow more riders
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