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  1. So USASA Mt Hood series has new directors. I reached out to the old director several times with no response. The new directors are open to GS and SL but not this year due to available dates and needing a certain amount of events in other disciplines. They sound enthused about including us next year. Be ready fellas, it’s coming.... finally
  2. Hit me up, I can get you in touch with a great hard boot coach.
  3. Dw3

    Race training

    I’m still just trying to get my technique right. Great analogy btw, never thought of it like that. I guess you could say we did all that.
  4. Dw3

    Race training

    https://www.timberlinelodge.com/mountain/trail-map the area under the “magic mile” lift usually stays open until about the third week of camp. I try to go earlier for the most terrain. After that it’s just Palmer snow field which is a steep blue run, icy in the morning and mush after about 1. By the end of the summer, only the top of Palmer is open which is a pretty small area. Two summers ago I scratched up my board but last summer was better.
  5. Dw3

    Race training

    Also, I think this camp is geared more for newer racers, idk but maybe if you are already really good you might get something out of it. For me it’s great, again I’ve only been on hard boots two years, riding about 8 years total. I race USASA and am competitive in my age group. However, I did race one FIS race this year...... I still have a long way to go to compete with those guys.
  6. Dw3

    Race training

    https://mthood.com/snowboard_race.htm link to Mt Hood summer ski camp, snowboard. (Scroll down for the video with Vic Wyld) If you are looking to run gates over and over and over, you will be frustrated in this camp. The coach is a body mechanics guru as it relates to snowboarding. I heard he is currently coaching the US Paralympic snowboard team. as far as the daily schedule, meet at 8 every day and talk about daily goals. Lots of drills and visualization on the board in the lodge. Usually on snow about 9:30ish working on what we talked about. After lunch we worked on what ea
  7. Dw3

    Race training

    I’m new to racing and hardboots (second season)... been to the Mt. Hood summer ski camp two years now and it’s great. Planning on attending again this year. It’s not a camp of just training in gates every day, lots of riding all mountain.
  8. There is ONE Giant slalom and slalom during December each year at bachelor. Usasa.org is where to find it. However, there are a few banked slaloms and border cross races. I want to try and get a sl or Gs at Hood. Orrrrr... race with pacrats. It’s fun and uses ski gates, but would be a good place to start
  9. Have reached out to him. We will see
  10. OK so the place where Vic Wild, an Olympic gold medalist, learned to snowboard has NO snowboard racing????? How so we get a USASA SL and GS here next season? What can I do?
  11. As of last week yes, totally jacked my board up bad. It’s now missing a small chunk with visible metal
  12. Dw3

    USASA schedule app

    Found it. Teamapp
  13. Dw3

    USASA schedule app

    Help, new phone and I can’t remember the name of the app I need for all the USASA racing info. Can’t find the info anywhere on their site thanks
  14. Heading to bachelor tomorrow afternoon for Saturday GS and SL.... I am planning to go out for a few hours tomorrow afternoon but I need some recommendations for a place to go make some turns. I’m not super familiar with bachelor and I don’t want to spend my time looking for good runs for racers
  15. Dw3

    USASA Nationals 2019

    Yes will be there. Not quite the art in motion you wete looking for but would love to ride.
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