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Montucky Clear CUT registration OPEN!


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Register Now! We need 31 more folks to register by August 1.  Your early registration is needed to make this event happen! If we do not meet our goal of 50 by August 1 we will have to cancel the event... there goes our “Carving Field of Dreams”?????

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22 people registered.  We must have a minimum of 50 folks register by August 1 or the event will be canceled.  This event will become an annual one if we pull off this first one.  


Support Carving.  Support this Forum. Support a great volunteer ski area.  Make Carving Great Again.  SIGN UP TODAY!!

I send a HUGE THANK YOU!!! To all that have registered!!

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26 people registered... Where are the Canadians? Where are the Ice Coasters?  Where are the California folks?

Huge Thank you to all that have Registered.  The Turner Mountain Board of Directors is really excited for us to pull this event off.  It will really help a small town ski area stay alive and thriving!

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Haven't been to Turner Mt.  but if it's half of  what Whitefish is people are missing out on a great opportunity .Come on folks come and see where all the trees came from that rebuilt SanFrancisco after the great fire ! ( California folks owe it to past generations to check this place out ! ) Unfortunately politics is making it kind of frightening for Canadians to venture south what with our legalizing pot and producing  military aluminum for your Ford trucks. Hope this get settled soon but can't commit till closer to the day.

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32! Hooray!

We still need 18 more to make this happen! 

Sure do appreciate all of you that have registered! Call your carving pals and light a fire under their keester!

”If it was not for the last minute, nothing would ever get done.”

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One week left till our August 1st deadline to have 50 folks register to secure the hill reservation!

2110 vertical feet of pure carving joy!

100% of the registration dollars go to Turner Mountain (all volunteer managed and operated ski area).  Our event will help keep this Gem of an area alive and thriving!

Register TODAY! 

Four Oh Six - Two Nine Three - Two Four Six Eight

Huge Thank you to all that have offered to buy an additional spot and that have registered! Let’s hold off on buying any additional spots for now!


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