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This reminds me of something


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Man!  That's one lucky Squirrel!           

Thank God she didn't see it and crash or worse....slice it in half on international television...  that would of been a gory site!  :eek:

 The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision!

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Yesterday had a chipmunk to my right about 40 feet away. Didn't expect it to reach me but sure enough my mental calculation was way off and we met  at a pretty good clip. Not wanting to clean roadkill off my Skwal  and fearing a clean bisection at the last minute i hopped over him made me chuckle remembering this post. Same run my buddy got clipped by a race kid last weekend !

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On 5/29/2020 at 7:54 PM, TVR said:

Resurrecting the two year old topic with awesome footage.... very cool man...

My dad sent me one of those montage videos (bless his heart, he sent me the full mp4 file, not a link) of lucky near misses, and part of this clip was in it.  I was like hey I've seen that before.  So I came here and searched squirrel.  Lo and behold, here we are.  The link that was in the OP is no more, so I posted this one.

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