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The Original Coiler "Plankenschtein" Naked Monster 188

Shred Gruumer

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The one and only Naked Monster Plankenschtein Monster 188

The ride will boggle your mind.. ask the people who have tried it.. !!! need to make room and money..:(

Length is 188

Waist is 23cm

Side cut is varible 13/15 front to back

Effective is 168cm

6mm taper

$635 out the door! to the lower 48 or Canada!!!.. just think of what the box will cost.. doh!! [colorThis ride is for anyone of any level,, ride way easy and can turn tight or big.. I hope a few who had a chance to ride it can chime in... don't just take my word for it..

Its very clean, base has no nicks or gouges, just a good hot wax..and its done.. Edges are very clean and has original tune.

top is in excellent shape.

Back binding pad has a scratch on it,, the camera makes it worse than it is.. then the normal binding shadows from m

PLEASE EMAIL at rthut2 at roadrunner dot com

Thanks for viewing..




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This board is frick'n awesome. It will be the next board I buy. (Sorry Shred, no funds at the moment and I need new boots first)

Stable and solid under foot at ridiculous speeds, absolutely cranks turns, you can maneuver it on the flats, and.....

Chicks dig it.:biggthump


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I believe if you read the price is posted.. the weight was universal... I had hot chicks ride it to me.. its very universal on the weight.. its flexible and soft but if you transfer weight to the tail you pop it... like the description says.. had people ride it at 130 to 220 and always the same result... just fun as hell..:)

You would never know its 23 wide.. its pretty quick under foot.. thats why im hoping people chime in.. females and men have riden this board with all the amazement..

there is video of this on WTF post of Kinpa riding it..


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Nope... no price listed.... I looked carefully.... heck, if I could afford it, I would buy it!!!! What a fun board :1luvu:

So, here's my history with the Naked Monster....

video to be seen here: http://www.bomberonline.com/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=334614&postcount=192

Ok, so when I got to WTF this year, I had it in my mind that I was going to try any board that anyone would let me ride. Yeah, my gear is old.... yeah, everyone told me I should be on a bigger board that my 149 Oxygen and the 156 Hot... so.... Shred asked me if I wanted to ride the MONSTER! WHAT???? YOU MUST BE CRAZY!!! :eek: Yeah, I'm 5'2" .... could barely reach the top of the dang thing! (140ish lbs for refence - no, I'm not afraid to tell you all my weight! for an almost 40 year old lady that has had 2 babies, I'm happy with that weight!) Picture here: http://www.bomberonline.com/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=334226&postcount=184

So, the more I thought about it, the more I took it on as a challenge.... what's the worse that could happen??? There was a fence at the bottom of the run that would catch me if I got too out of control on that monster.... But, as soon as I figured out that I could swing it around if I needed too, I wasn't scared of it anymore.... and once I decided I wasn't scared of it, I found out that it was actually a lot of fun! It was pretty easy turning and not at all what I thought a board that size would handle like.... now granted, I'm still pretty much a whimp.... probably could have pushed it harder and ride it like it should have been ridden, but I will agree with Shred that any level could enjoy this thing.... someone will be VERY happy with the Naked Monster.

Please someone buy this.... before I end up stealing from my rent fund to get this thing.....

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Are there are any tip profile pictures of this board? The rocker looks surprising abrupt. I'm not interested in purchasing the board, but here are some insulting remarks about its design.

You might want to contact Mammoth Mountain. I heard they lost a toboggan in a snow cat incident. ;)

Alternative bad jokes:

I heard they lost some fencing in a wind storm.

Some of the benches were lost over the side.

They are installing a new bar.

Their supply of pallets was stolen.

They need to patch a garage door.

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Nose is not abrupt.. way look like it since the nose doesn't have that extra round krap to way it down..:) Its actually decambered nice, thats one of the things that makes it turn so good!!

And for its design.. are you sayin.. BV doesn't know how to make such a nice looking board as this... you don't know what your missin..:)

But thanks for lookin any way... Im sure you'll think of it now in your sleep:sleep:


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I don't like long boards.

I don't like wide boards.

I absolutely loved riding this board at ECES. Of all the boards that I demoed (about 10), I had the most fun on this board.

I had my usual angles of 60/60ish and this thing turned on a dime - counterintuitive for me at 23 wide. Suuuper stable. Lighter than my 170. The light weight was weird -the board is huge but weighs nothing.

On snow the board can be flicked around at will. Landing aired transitions was a dream. Effing gobs of edgehold. ("effing gobs" is an industry term btw).

Most fun board I've ridden since the Madd 158.

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Its a gentle beast! loves to turn if your not afraid to do it.. turns pretty tight and easy.. somewhat soft nose that initiates smooth.. even Erik will tell you it rides narrower than a 23cm wide board should.. like I said its mind boggling..

Hey king.. there is no topsheet! its naked.. thats why its so light and nimble..:)

I think you would love it Canuck.. but thats why I asked so folks who got to ride it chime in.. I always try to get people to try it so they know!!


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