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  1. scrutton

    Gear for sale

    Power plates still available?
  2. I'll see you mine. I have one or two of them.
  3. It will be a while Pat. Packing for a trip etc. Might be a a couple of weeks before I have time to do more troubleshooting.
  4. I just checked mine look fine. It is always the right pin that isn't extending. It's happening on both boards though. Have TD3s on one. TD3 SW on other.
  5. I just measured the thickness of a bushing. It is exactly 1mm. So, must be an I.D of 10mm if OD of bushing is 12mm.
  6. No it's happening on both boards. It's the heel unit.
  7. Looks like iGlide JSM-1012-10 might get the job done. $1.50 each. https://www.igus.com/product/3
  8. Yeah it's a dilemma. Mine are working OK now, and with new bushings installed may work really good. And I only have 2 more races to get through, so 4-5 more days on snow, so I'll make it through this season. This has got me thinking about converting boot(s) back to standard though. Would be nice to get an ETA when the store may be re-opened for business so we could do some planning with our purchases.
  9. Anyone replaced the bushings in Fintec heels? These are the bushings that fit in the sides of the heels (2 per heel), that the pins that stick out and ride in. If you've never taken yours apart and inspected them closely you may not know about these. Wondering how to remove the old and install the new bushings, without damaging the new ones. Thanks
  10. Any update on this topic. Heading to Aspen again this weekend.
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