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Dont ride a Coiler VSR....

Bobby Buggs

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Bobby, I am happy to report that you are spot-on with your deductions....

My wallet is nearly 900.00 lighter also.

I rode a few boards @ SES and once I rode the VSR "MooseKnuckle" I was in love. I needed to ride / demo nothing further.


It fit me perfectly.

Custom topsheet artwork will be done this week, and I hope to ride it before this seasons end (key word = HOPE)

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I'm new, and yes, quite ignorant. All the threads about VSRs, Schtubbys, and Monsters are intriguing, but I can't find any information on these models at the Coiler website. Are these boards all under the radar for carver word of mouth only? I tried to search the forums but no joy yet. Please help clue me in!

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some info i saved from 2009.

Line for 2010

All Mountain: 172, 176 x 12m x 21.5

Stubbies: 171 , 173 x 20 or 21. Either with 13.2 or 14.2m

Monsters: 182, 185x 14/15m , 188 x15/16m. 20, 21.5 or 23 in all lengths.

Classic: almost any of the glass designs up to 180 cm tweaked for metal.

New School race ( NSR) 182 and 185 x 20 x 13.7/17m

vsr: variable side cut radius. similar to stubbies but with multiple side cut.

for ex my build spec:

173 x 21 x 12M VSR. Square nose


It's quite versatile.

Email Bruce would be the best route.

Tell the wizard what you want; almost everything can be customized.

IN my case; I really didn't know what i wanted so I just told him my weight, level of riding and where do I ride and it turn out excellent.

His product get updates constanly based on feedback. If you want one for next year you should place order now :biggthump



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I too rode the Moose Knuckle, last summer at Timberline. Although it was way soft for me, I saw the potential and ordered a 168 Tight for myself. It came out awesome. Then I rode a 177 Mid-Plus at SES. Guess what? One of those on order too. In the interest of full disclosure, I've been bugging Bruce to come up with a board that has similar feel and average sidecut as my Classic (now known as Utility Stick) 177/14.2 but with a variable sidecut for a year now. The 177 Mid-Plus demo was the 2nd refinement on such a design and it was love at first dozen turns.

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Funny how it resembles a Madd 158 in shape....It's a good thing too if you're looking for a light turny board. I rode it at Buttermilk over on "Racers Edge" on a softer day and enjoyed the ease of turns after a long morning of riding bigger boards. I set it up old school with a narrow 19 1/4" stance with 70-65 angles and it was great! (I now ride most of my boards with a 21 1/2" stance). I am looking forward to getting it out on the narrow hard pack @ Stratton... If you liked small, narrow, quick boards this one will satisfy!!!

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M+ is the "Medium Plus" sidecut, avg 14m.

Here's what I remember of the sidecuts, and it could very well be wrong:

Angrry - avg 9

Xtra Tight - avg 10.5

Tight - avg 12 <<<<< The Moose Knuckle, I have one now too

Medium - avg 13

Medium+ - avg 14 <<<<< 177 demo at SES, my next alpine board

Long - avg 15

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Don't you just love the complexities Bruce has created...don't know how other builders can keep up with his inovation.

From my recalections in talking with Bruce he has multiple sidecut options available Tight, Medium, Long, etc and will accomadate you on your order. The "+" option has a little more carbon fiber and added torsional stiffness.

Jumping on this board and being comfortable in three turns, railing it halfway down the first run was impressive. More impressive was how many different responses you can get with changes in body position, rear boot input, etc. My call on the "VSR" = Very Synergenic Response" an immediate connection I would call Love if only the board was animate...

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Agree, GREAT board.

Smooth riding at much higher speed than I'm used to, any radius with metal flex in the middle of the turn when you push, and great pop at the end.

I'm leaving the plastic protector on as long as possible (looks better than shiny in the wood topsheet IMHO).

I changed it's name to Tongue Depressor


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OK so I better say something in regards to sizing etc as most of this stuff is now worked out.

The history of these models goes back to developing BX boards with Jasey where we first tried a 177 with similar sidecut to my NSRs. Super fun but not very turny at slower speeds or off the tail. Pokkis liked his NSR so much he wanted a smaller version for his wife so I decided to massage the dimensions he gave me a bit and created the first VSR ( variable sidecut radius) as it has 3 sidecuts instead of the 2 on NSRs and Monsters. The 3rd sidecut in the tail and slight softening in that section allows the board to turn off the tail a bit more and feel a bit more like a traditional board. They still maintain a slight stiffer mid and tail which works nice with the metal feel to give a fair amount of energy at the end of the turn and maintains the feel we like from the more race oriented models. First one built was the tightversion of 9.9/12/7/12m. My wife tested it pre top install and told me to sell her other boards. Funny thing is she was giving me the feedback I tried to design into it and she is normally not one to go into the details!

From there other sidecuts were developed so the range with approx turning radius is as follow

Angrry approx 9.5m

Xtra Tight approx 10.5m

Tight approx 11.5m

Medium approx 13m

Medium + approx 14m

Long approx 16m

Have done sizes from 160 to 180 so far with most popular sizes of





These are mostly done in a carbon/glass construction and have and recently experimented with full carbon which we called "turbo"

The 77 VSR medium+ at SES was a Turbo, also Mike Ts new 168. Testing the 77 Turbo head to head with Johns medium with carbon glass you could definitely notice it to be a bit more energtic but also it seemed bit more nervous on harder snow. They take that bit more input to ride so its not a better or worse thing, just different flavors.

No doubt these have been my best sellers this season despite being quite new. Currently have plenty of previous info on these to adjust to almost any needs.


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cut some

These are mostly done in a carbon/glass construction

cut some more

No doubt these have been my best sellers this season despite being quite new. Currently have plenty of previous info on these to adjust to almost any needs.


nice to know that you are still building glass boards....you certainly make it hard to keep a stable bank balance

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