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Eces 2009?


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If i have missed it, my bad, but is there a locale slated for ECES 2009 yet? I'd like to put a vote in for 2 locations.........#1 Sugarloaf--yes I know but why not again...........#2 Jay Peak-----look if we get dumped on, everyone can play on their all mountain set-ups. Loaf would be great, speaking as a Mainah's perspective.

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Right, ECES went biannual after 2004, so 2010 it is. Personally, I think this keeps it fresh for everyone (including us organizers - it's like planning a wedding!) That's not to say anyone else can't organize a different session in the off years.

As for the location, we have the template now at Stowe and Sugarloaf, so it will be either of those. We have been in contact with Warren Miller people about possibly filming the event. If they will, it will be at Sugarloaf.

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Well, what about the Maine Expression Session Sugarloaf 2009? Just curious how many riders could be gathered for a coordinated couple of days that we could convene on an area, such as Sugarloaf or Sunday River if more convenient. Doesn't have to be elaborate, ie. scheduled events, etc but groups are cheaper than individuals and if that means you can upgrade from PBR's to something richer at The Bag or The Rack, that's a bonus(personally PBR works for me).

It's September and before you know it, w-ends fill w/ family, projects, so why not plan ahead?

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New Hampshire Lakes Region Expression SessionS 09

Every Thursday at Sunapee.

May be a bit tame for some but the groom is #1,

And very close to that state south of NH that should remain nameless.

P.S. I have recently cut three trails on Mount Ensign and am formulating plans for a rope tow and how to groom with a snowmobile.


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No way on Wachussett :p

A Mohawk carving day might be in order, could get some discount passes.

I can't wait until that new lift is up and ready for the new season.

Berkshire East would be a good candidate. Its never crowded, has some decent slope, and some nice wide trails. Plus I know someone who could get us discount passes.

Either way, there needs to be more than less carving days on the East Coast!

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