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Summit Expression Session Participation Sign-up


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Please use this thread ONLY to let us know you will be joining us for the <b>2004 Summit Expression Session</b>. Signing up here does NOT mean you have purchased anything, it just lets us and others know you are coming.

Please include the following:

- Name

- Where are you coming from/home mountain?

- What days do you plan to join us for?

- Any other comments

- (optional) a picture that represents you (preferably wearing clothes)

For more information on the event itself please go


Looking like another great year for the SES, hope to see all of you here again!

Bomber Crew


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Top Posters In This Topic

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OK, I'll start this off....


- Summit County, Colorado

- Copper Mnt/Keystone Mnt.

- All the days (both Aspen and Summit)

Huge industry presence this year. We have:

Sean M. with Donek

Chris P. with Prior

The guys from Extreme Carve

Tim M. from Relaible Racing

Everyone from Bomber (including the dogs)

And you never know what World Cup racers will show up

Yahoooo! Coming up fast!


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Michelle will be there again, attending to all of your snowboarding needs. Let's see, when do I plan to attend? ALL DAYS, ALL NIGHTS, jipee!

Should be a hoot, can't wait to see everyone again!

No photos, please, no one wants to see that! Maybe I will change my mind.

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But Michelle knew that already 'cause I emailed her months ago!!! YEAH!!!!! I'm so hyped up I got my plane tickies months ago! OK, here goes; Jon Dahl, Stevens Pass, Wa. for the home terrain, Sunday through Friday for the dates, any possibility of a little splitboarding???? I'll have to fix up another one 'cause i killed mine last weekend in a wicked(so says my stepdaughter) crash. Oh yeah, I'm looking for someone to split a room with to cut costs. Look out, here I come! Hey Fin, I got your photo beat! If i can find it, a gutted Expedition, 2 frames & me under the hood. A total repair frame swap. Just another day at the office! ADDENDUM... anyone want to split a room in Dillon for the Summit Co. portion of this event?

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Guest Alex Ross

Please include the following:

- Alex Ross

- Lake Havasu via Telluride

- Will be there in Aspen only - 3 days

- Had a great time last year

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Myself - 3rd year carver and Lisa- 1st year carver will be there. Look forward to some great learning.

Will attend at least Sat. and Sun. in Aspen, and most of Summit session.

Thanks Michelle and Fin for hosting this event. Can't wait to see familiar and new faces.

I have a very attractive/convenient one bedroom condo at the base of Super Bee/Copper Mountain that sleeps 6. If people would like to rent through me, contact my cell phone at 970-390-7466. Asking $80 a night plus cleaning. Great deal (we're staying at my mother's place)!!!!!

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- Patrice Fivat and Nils Degrémont

- Switzerland and France / Home mountain> Zinal, Cham, Verbier...

- Attending Aspen days only

- We'll be there 2 days prior to the opening ceremony, and then will have a few Swoard Extremecarver boards for people to test ride (hopefully everyone is in the 75-85 kilos and 1m75-1m90 range ). Patrice is still uncertain because of vacation permit with his job ! But he'll bribe anyone he can.

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- Hiroshi Yamagishi

- from Bay Area (Northern California)

- carve at Kirkwood (Lake Tahoe)

- arriving on Thurs night (2/19), carving on Fri 2/20 (all day), Sat 2/21 (all day), Sun 2/22 (all day), and Mon 2/23 (AM only)


- Also, I'll be traveling with the <i>infamous</i> <b>Vu</b> brothers; <img src="http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/avatar.php?userid=688&dateline=1074292208" align=middle> and <img src="http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/avatar.php?userid=354&dateline=1069475166" align=middle> .

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As above,

From Ajax Ontario Canada

Local bunny hills compared to anything out there (300ft drop yeehaa).

Looks like my bro except standing up rather than laying down so low.:(

No pics on the slope available, only with my kids, kind a useless for this forum!!

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Something I have learned - if you don't add a photo when you first put your reply up, you can't go back and add it later. You have to do a new "reply" .

Also, remember that signing up here does not purchase anything for the event. If you need lift tickets or a package deal, go to the SES web site.

So here it is, my alter ego.....


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Guest Spitfire

aight here we go i guess i will enter all of us that are going in one post.

names: Dustin Bilger (me), Chris Ronk, Josh Ronk, and Ryan Chase

home mountain: Tussey mountain and some hills lol.

coming from: Springmills, PA

mountain's visiting: The whole summit trip and we'll be here a few days before to hopefully get some practise.

We are driving out so we'll be leaving pennsylvania 2-3 days before the event but will be there. All four of us have never carved.... well somewhat but usually wipe out. We hope to learn and if not learn we are nuts so we will jump off mostly anything (even if there is no alcohol lol jk). Hope to learn and c ya there.

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